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BasketRoll BasketRoll v1.0

3D Rolling Ball Game

Fotobot Fotobot v2.4.4

Takes pictures and sends photo to email.

JSONitor JSONitor v1.1

Monitor JSON fields, objects, or arrays for change using tasks and schedules.

Monster TD Free Monster TD Free v1.1.0

Enter the labyrinth and defend its secrets from nasty people!

Cosmic Matter Cosmic Matter v1.0.1

Casual scifi-themed puzzle game with fun gameplay mechanism.

Space Rescue Space Rescue v1.0.0.1

Save the astronauts in the outer space in this unique one tap casual game! Go from planet to planet, collect astronauts but avoid hostile aliens.
28 challenging levels!

Pocket Soccer Championship Pocket Soccer Championship v1.0

Pocket soccer championship is a real time board sport game where you can play football tournament, quick single player game or 2 players mode against the AI computer players or/and your friends. Be the best playing with your favorite teams in the world and win the championship.

My Word Search World My Word Search World v1.0

Do you like word search games? Find more than 1000 words by solving category based puzzle. Slide your finger over them and get all 5 stars for finding 10 words in 12 categories and 12 crazy challenges!

Hyperion Hyperion v1.06

Control battleship Hyperion and defeat the crazy enemies in the sea of stars.

Хрустальное сердце Хрустальное сердце v1.3

Некоторые люди похожи на деревья: они гниют изнутри, если их несколько раз не огреть топором. А тебе так нужна их поддержка, как вдох после комы.
- Как вы не понимаете?! - оправдывался никем не понятый романтик, - Ему тесно в груди. И теперь оно ждёт своего часа.
Этот мир и угнетал его, и притягивал одновременно. С людьми было ему тяжело, без них - невыносимо. Он хранил одинокое сердце в картонной упаковке и верил в чудо, которое для всех казалось невозможным. А что ему ещё оставалось?

Cute Animals Puzzles Cute Animals Puzzles v1.0

Try playing with your child in this fun learning game with cute little animals.

Crazy Gallery Crazy Gallery v1.0.7

Complete the paintings on this crazy gallery before the timer runs out!

Chocolate Solitaire Chocolate Solitaire v1.2

Use your brain and remove chocolates from the board!

Broyke Broyke v1.0

Math is fun again. Everybody, rejoice!

Jetradar Jetradar v2.4.23

Cheapest flights from 1,038 airlines in one app!

Speed Space Speed Space v1.0

Speed Space is simple looking but addictive timekiller!

Fun Chess Puzzles Fun Chess Puzzles v1.2

This addictive chess puzzle app improves your chess skills while having fun

Catch The Shapeshifter Catch The Shapeshifter v1.2.0

Get ready to collect shapeshifters in an extraordinary art filled adventure!

Plus Minus Puzzle 2 Plus Minus Puzzle 2 v1.0.1

Plus Minus Puzzle 2 is extension of Plus Minus game, a Block breaking puzzle game, player's goal is to move the bottom block in the game screen and try to achieve target score in given moves or time, once row or column is completes, the block disappears and score points are given.

* Multi level
* Exciting graphics and animation
* Challenge to solve puzzle in given moves
* Get addicted with the game play
* Score leader board

Angry Dinosaur Alarm Angry Dinosaur Alarm v1.27.8

Angry dinosaur terrors humans!