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Bubble X Slice Bubble X Slice v1.0.3

Bubble popping underwater fun!

World Poker World Poker v1.18

Find yourself in the world of bets, stakes and winnings!

Fingerprints Fingerprints v8.4

An interactive game for kids to help them learn and develop their imagination!

行星宝宝 行星宝宝 v8.6

Introducing our solar system to children with fun and meaningful play!

Treasure Island Treasure Island v8.41

Be an explorer and find the hidden treasures with Kiki!

Diskoteka Diskoteka v0.0.5

Jump on the blocks, collect stars, and try to go as far as possible

Herme Herme v1.5

Now you can encourage your children to tell the missing parts of the story.

File Share File Share v1.0.12

Share any type of file (pdf, doc, txt, etc) on world's most famous messenger.

The Flying Sun Adventure Game The Flying Sun Adventure Game v1.2.1.0

The Sun is WANTED! Hone your skills in amazingly easy mobile game with free upgrades!

Play in the Dark Play in the Dark v8.6

Overcome the fear of darkness through playful activities with shadows!

Color Break Color Break v1.0.0

Color Break is the new Tetris, play it and you will see that is addictive.

Tell the Difference Tell the Difference v8.4

Differentiating colors,sizes and shapes! Sorting little monsters!

Panda Sharing Panda Sharing v8.4

Welcome to the Sharing Adventure! Where children will learn how wonderful is to share!

Music Box Quiz Music Box Quiz v8.4

Play this educational game to learn and have fun! Listen, guess and win!

cable cable v1.05

connect power supply to weapons,destroy invading bugs.

Suits Suits v1.0.1

A fun collection of card games. Pick a card, play and have loads of fun.

تعليم جدول الضرب تعليم جدول الضرب v1.0

برنامج تعليم جدول الضرب للأطفال بشكل سهل جدا
مميزات البرنامج
1- عرض جدول الضرب لكل جدول على حدة لسهولة الحفظ
2- عرض الجدول الشامل لجميع الجداول من جدول 2 الى جدول 10
3- تمارين و اختبار لكل جدول على حدة
4- تمارين و اختبار شاملة لجميع الجدوال
5- عرض عدد الاجابات الصحيحة وعدد الاجابات الخاطئة

Bomber Luke Bomber Luke v1.3.3

Free Bomber Luke game for Android.

Malevich Malevich v1.1.4

Malevich — just a platformer in suprematism style.

WhereRU WhereRU v1.0

A small & efficient app that turns the phone's mode to the normal by sending SMS