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Sweep Sweep v1.0.3

Sweep: a fun, brand new card game for everybody!

Geometry Jump Geometry Jump v1.01

Geometry Jump is a fast-paced platformer that will leave you screaming in frustration, but you’ll keep coming back for more

Wifi Buddy Wifi Buddy v1.0.1

Find out when and where your Wi-Fi signal is low with Wifi Buddy!

Teen Patti Video Poker Teen Patti Video Poker v1.0.1

Teen Patti Video Poker is a simulated fun game, player's goal is to obtain a poker hand by moving the finger horizontal, vertical or diagonal. On win the credits are given as per the game's pay table.

=== FEATURES ===
1) Exciting sound and graphics effect
2) Progressive Jackpot
3) Score leaderboard
4) My Rank - Track rank globally using my Rank

Apocalypse Apocalypse v1.8

Experience Doomsday as if you were there !

VolTune Radio VolTune Radio v1.1.0

Service that will make you love radio in a new way.

Cute Smiley Cute Smiley v0.0.2

Cute Smiley Jumping game

prevent smiley from falling down jump at the right spot

Avoid crashing to the brick and bomb

catch power to fly higher

go has high as you can and challenge your friends

MyCash MyCash v2.0.0

MyCash is a simple Android Mobile App to manage the receipts and payments of an individual.

Match M for Halloween Match M for Halloween v1.0

Match M for Halloween is a free halloween themed memory game.

Mystery Crimes Mystery Crimes v1.00

Rainbow Town is a town that Human, Fairy, and Vampires coexist peacefully together. Until one day, the young detective Jonny when investigating the death of a poor anonymous musician, accidentally discovers a notebook which has a song with the lyrics written very strangely:

"With the right eye of a maiden.
Let find some vampire’s dust.
And take a heart that full of love.
Glow in the sign of the star.
Rope all with red fairy hair.
Another world will be open …"

Traffic Racer Traffic Racer v1.0

Would a good driver? Drive your car with motion sensor and make highest score!

Sudok's Sudok's v1.0

Getting Bored?
Wanna Show Your Friends Who Has More Brains!!
Want A Casual Brain Exercise?
Here is the Solution!

ControlMobile ControlMobile v2.0.65

Allows parents to review and manage their child's phone usage. Tracks all incoming and outgoing text messages. Tracks call logs which shows corresponding callers phone number, contact's name from the device, duration of the call, and time of call.

Strategy War Strategy War v2.0

The evil army had invaded the FREE zone, use your armored vehicles, tanks, laser weapons, and fighter jets to stop the invasion. This strategy war game was developed with the latest 3D technology. Enjoy.

RainBarrel RainBarrel v1.0

Hit the correct barrels and create your own highscore.!!!!

Document Manager Document Manager v1.0

Access all documents at one place.

Dream Racer Dream Racer v1.0

The best arcade style racing game with Racing, Mission, Action, Fighting, Free ride.

TouchPal TouchPal v5.6.6.2


Torque - Road Race Torque - Road Race v1.0

High speed racing at the beautiful Portway city in this amazing arcade racer

Impossible Color Rush Impossible Color Rush v1.1

Test your reflexes against an Impossible Color Rush