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Grab your gun and stop socialism. Best 2D shooter game.

Tap That Cat! Tap That Cat! v1.10

Help the cat to get rid of the fleas before she walks away.

Ninja Super Jump Ninja Super Jump v1.0.0

Ninja Super Jump is a fun addictive running game for players who like action running jump around, beat enemy run around to collect exciting collectibles, life and boosters by escaping with the obstacles.

Get ready for new action filled game Ninja Super and show case your achievement to other players globally by posting score in leader board.

Book of Evil Book of Evil v1.4

This is new mystery puzzle hidden object point and click adventure game.

Mudra Mudra v1.3

The rules are deceivingly simple, the match frustratingly challenging.

Bees Recorder Bees Recorder v1.0.1

Recorder for both the smartphones and Android Wear watches!
Bees Recorder is a free scene-based voice sound recorder. For different scenes, you may enjoy the best sound effect due to its scene-based noise-cancelling algorithm. What bees recorder doing is recording your every enjoyment in your life. Bees Recorder is designed both for android watches and smartphones.

Stickers Hipsters Stickers Hipsters v15.4.16

Fun photo editor

Bubble Cannon Bubble Cannon v1

Remember the classic bubble shooter games with beautiful graphics.

Gravity Ring Gravity Ring v1.0.3

It's pinball in space. It's pool in a gravitational anomaly. It's Gravity Ring.

Collect the red, blue and green orb with a single shot in the given amount of time.
Slide with your finger horizontally to change the angle and vertically to change force of your trajectory.
Hit the gravity core (center of the gravity ring) when ready!

Get ready to have your mind blown in 120 levels across 4 episodes.

Checkersland Online Checkersland Online v0.6

A free program for playing more than 30 kinds of checkers with other people over the Internet

Coloring horses and ponies Coloring horses and ponies v15.4.7

Paint beautiful horses. Coloring book of ponies to paint or draw.

geometra geometra v1.0

this apps can make learn geometry become much much more fun

SelfieFree SelfieFree v1.07

Wish selfie with the phone back camera without seeing the screen? Easy!

Blast Off Blast Off v1.0

Blast Off into space with this fun and addictive game!

Miss Jump Adventure Miss Jump Adventure v1.1

Follow Miss Jump on her adventure through worlds of traps.

Four In A Line Four In A Line v1.5

Four in a line is a game where 2 players try to connect 4 pieces.

Funny face Maker Funny face Maker v1.0.2

Thanks to this amazing tool you will be able to create extremely funny or Nice photos.

Tile Photo Puzzle Tile Photo Puzzle v2.0

130+ photos in 4 categories. You can also create puzzles from your own photos.

Shooting Monster Shooting Monster v1.0.4

Its hardest shooting game. shoot, avoid and eat

VoterClick VoterClick v1.0.0

Electronic voting in your meeting using smart phones and tablets.