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Interval Free Interval Free v1.1

A game to test your musical skill.

Agent Max Agent Max v1.0

There are mysterious events in the city. Agent Max should solve this mystery. The real adventure begins…

Mix n Matches Mix n Matches v1.0.1

★ Great colorful journey of making never-ending COMBOS ★
★ Can't put it down ★

Chess Reloaded 2 GAME Chess Reloaded 2 GAME v2.1.1

If you like this kind of game, it will give never-ending pleasure to you.

Before you can play the GAME, you must get the free TUTORIALS app and do Tutorial #1.

Chess Reloaded 1 TUTORIALS Chess Reloaded 1 TUTORIALS v2.1.1

Tutorial #1: contains the basics.
Tutorial #2: some special features and two-player mode.

The standard language of the tutorials is English. Besides, they know German.

Grandpa Run 3D Grandpa Run 3D v1.0

Play the most Addictive Running game Grandpa Run 3D, Grandpa has been locked away in the mental hospital, he is plotting to escape, and he needs your help to guide him through the streets once he is busted out!

Kids Math Magic Kids Math Magic v1.0

Play with Animals is a really nice educational application to teach numbers by counting the animals displayed on the screen.

Marble One Marble One v1.0

Marble one is Peg solitaire (or Solo Noble) a board game for one player.

Sudoku In Space Sudoku In Space v1.04.02

Play Sudoku with bright colors, fun graphics and sounds, and relaxing music!

Sudoku In Space Sudoku In Space v1.04.02

Play Sudoku with bright colors, fun graphics and sounds, and relaxing music!

TapTheColor TapTheColor v3.0

Tap The Color - verify their attention in a fun and challenging game!

I See Me I See Me v1.2

See yourself through the eyes of another

Trionix Trionix v1.10

Welcome to Trionix, the space themed triangle game of strategy and skill.

Pets Online Pets Online v1.6

A virtual pets game where you buy ,own and sell pets to earn coins.

RunOnTitans RunOnTitans v12

Run On Titans is a game where you have to avoid/kill all the titans on your way.

SubSetSum SubSetSum v1.0

Riuscirai ad eliminare tutti i numeri?

Jerk Marble Jerk Marble v1.0

JILL is a lazy boy looking for a crazy puzzle game to break his boring and worst time killer.

Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush v0.1

Fire up your engine, hit the road to Miami and get addicted to adrenaline! Forget about speed limits and traffic rules 'cause on this road you are boss! So rush in and climb your way up to the top of the Leaderboard.

Concise Oxford Thai Dictionary Concise Oxford Thai Dictionary v4.3.111

•Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of over 110,000 words and phrases, and 120,000 translations
•Over a thousand new and topical words, including business, specialist, and computing terminology
•English language material derived from Oxford's unparalleled English dictionary resources
•Translations provided by the Translation Centre at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand's leading translation school, along with a team of specialist experts

Lindel Lindel v1.0

Complete 10 exciting levels and fight the main boss.