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Craft The Path Craft The Path v1.2.1

The poor creeper got lost, help him to find his way home.

6 Bang 6 Bang v1.0


Block Cameras (Anti Spy) Block Cameras (Anti Spy) v1.0

Are you worried that someone may be spying on you?

Your Device has several Apps that have the permission to use a Camera. Some of them also have permission to connect to the Internet. These Apps can take Pictures and/or record Videos of you, and send them to an unknown receiver. Without your knowledge or consent!

This App - “Block Cameras” - will protect you from being spied on in this way, by enabling you to completely BLOCK ALL CAMERAS on your device at any time you choose.

Role Playing Juggler Role Playing Juggler v1.1

Role Playing Juggler is an ever evolving, role playing game parody.

Walls Lite Walls Lite v1.0.0

Walls is a mind bobbling, new but old school feel game. ready to test even the best gamers nerves! Can you avoid the WALLS!

Catbie Catbie v1.2

Logic, skills, 63 playable levels, special cats and… Zombies!

Wobbly Witch Wobbly Witch vv1.0

Help the Wobbly Witch collect Halloween candy and avoid getting struck by the screaming pumpkin.

GreCy Recipes GreCy Recipes v1.1

100+2 free traditional Greek and Cypriot recipes

SJournal SJournal v0.9.9b

Designed for university teachers.

SJournal SJournal v0.9.9b

Designed for university teachers.

jengra jengra v1.0.3

Spaceship Arcade Game.

Spider Revolution - Pro Spider Revolution - Pro v0.9.91

Spider defense Revolution the Next generation Tower defense game !

-Play offline and No ADS !

Witch the Reaper Witch the Reaper v1.7

You are a sadistic witch and you need to slice and dice 3 types of ghosts to get their souls.

Bee Adventure Bee Adventure v1.0.2

Everyday Gold Bee find honey hard.

ChessOK Playing Zone ChessOK Playing Zone v1.3.4

ChessOK Playing Zone - Play Chess Online, Watch Live Chess, Join Tournaments

CellPttv2 CellPttv2 v2.0

Push To Talk Walkie Talkie Voice Communication Free App.

Jewel of Persia Jewel of Persia v1.0.0

Jewel of Persia is an addictive game where you will connect jewels with the same type and collect points which will serve you to acquire power ups. There is a time limit in which you have to get the best score.

Halloween Ninja Halloween Ninja v1.0

Goal of the game to shoot down flying Halloween figures(pumpkin,Zombie,Vampire,Witch,Ghost) rather than bombs. The player have three lives that are lost when one of figure falls to the ground. You have to start the level over again with the explosion of the bomb.

Autumn Fashion Autumn Fashion v1.0

With the chilly weather and rainy days upon us, it's time for you girls to start looking for the nicest clothing pieces and accessory items of the autumn 2014 season and pick out the ones you fancy the most to prep your wardrobe for the season ahead!

Talking Baby Boy Talking Baby Boy v1.3

The best app ever. Talking Baby Boy talks to you, dances, laughs, plays, cries & farts :)