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Snowman Dash Snowman Dash v1.2

Jump, glide and soar through the skies!

Drop Kick Drop Kick v01.00.14

Five chances to score a Goal! Rack up points along the way. Grab some Bonus points if you’re lucky. Watch out for the Referee! Tilt your device to target the ball and – hey, how did that chicken get on the field?!

Trash Escape Trash Escape v1.1

The Adventure of a Tiny Can - Be very fast to save the can from the trash compactor.

Santa Times Tables Santa Times Tables v1.0.1

In 'Santa Times Tables', you can practice the times tables through games and activities.

Fly My Duck Fly My Duck v1.2

Fly My Duck is a duck racing game where coordination and quick thinking is key!

Xchievements Xchievements v0.2.1

Xbox One Achievements and Games Information Social Android Application.

Celebrity Rush Celebrity Rush v1.0

Celebrity Rush Quiz Game

Sniper: Traffic Hunter Sniper: Traffic Hunter v1.2

Use your sniper skills to destroy upcoming traffic cars in a limited time!

Find a WORD Find a WORD v1.06

Find a WORD in English for free: You can play from easy 1 word at screens for children up to extreme challenges of 20 and more words per screen. Choose the difficulty of your Find a WORD puzzle!

GalaxyTwist GalaxyTwist v1.0

A neon block puzzle game

Clear All Clear All v1.2

This is a very simple and fun game. Try it!

神行者 神行者 v1.4.63

AnyLocation is the most professional app for mobile location mock, which can perfectly mock GPS location on LBS app, for example facebook, wechat、momo and so on.

Mosaic Maker Mosaic Maker v1.0.0

This application makes Mosaic a part of picture that You do NOT want to show.

ChristmasTree ChristmasTree v1.0

Decorate your Christmas Tree.

Cat Hero Cat Hero v1.0

Defeat your enemies as they attempt to beat you!

Frog'n'Fly Frog'n'Fly v1.0.2

Hungry frog travel.

HD Camera HD Camera v1.0.0A

Hd Camera application allow you to make excellent pictures very fast and simply, utilizing all advantage of your phone or tablet.

Advent Christmas todo lits Advent Christmas todo lits v1.0.1

A Christmas 'To-Do' list calendar with beautiful holiday backgrounds.

Jam monsters 2 Jam monsters 2 v1.0

The jam monsters have returned stronger than ever!

Island of terror 3d Island of terror 3d v1.5

Escape from the island of terror in this game with 3D graphics.