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Islamic Wallpapers Islamic Wallpapers v1.0

Islamic Wallpapers for your Android devices.

Islam WallPaper خلفيات أسلامية Islam WallPaper خلفيات أسلامية v1.0

Islam WallPaper خلفيات أسلامية

Islamic Dictionary and Guide Islamic Dictionary and Guide v3.5

This Application is a completely Islamic dictionary app, collection of a large number of Islamic terms and their meanings, used commonly by the Muslim communities.

Islamic Wallpapers Islamic Wallpapers v1.5

Islamic Wallpapers app offers you the most beautiful, carefully picked free mobile wallpapers with Islamic images. In this collection you will find Islamic pictures, Islamic art and other symbols of Islam and other images adapted to your phone screen size. If you use our application you will absolutely find the background you like.

Hijri and Gregorian Calendar Hijri and Gregorian Calendar v3.5

The Islamic (Hijri) calender is used by billion of Muslim all around the world.

أحاديث عشر ذي الحجة و أيام التشريق أحاديث عشر ذي الحجة و أيام التشريق v1.0

هذا التطبيق عبارة عن رسالة مشتملة على جُملٍ مختصرة من الأحكام والآداب المتعلقة بعشر ذي الحجة وأيام التشريق

Muslim Guide Muslim Guide v3.

This app consists of multiple attractive Islamic books with different titles explain the facts of Islam in a very clear and enjoyable method (way),supported by pictures and will be renewed constantly to include more than 20 languages for those who desire to learn about Islam.

TheMiracles TheMiracles v1.0

Miracles from Quran.

Gems of Companions Gems of Companions v1.0

The gems of The Companions of The Prophet Muhammad saw

iPod Islam iPod Islam v1.0

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabrakatu ( May Peace Blessings and Mercy of God be on you )
This is an unofficial iPodIslam Android App. It brings to you Islamic talks of Sheikh Yusuf Estes and other scholars. Now you can hear their inspiring talks right from your mobile. You can also save or share a talk with friends.

All talks taken from

IslamicWorld IslamicWorld v1.0

An amazingly knowledgeable quiz which helps Muslims test their Islamic knowledge

Islam Radio Islam Radio v1.0

Listen to your favorite Islamic music radio station everywhere!

Listen to Islamic Music Radio stations from all over the world with a single click.

Wherever you go, take the best Islamic music radio stations with you.

If you would like to add your favorite station also,please write to us.

Maulana Tariq Jameel Maulana Tariq Jameel v1.1

Maulana Tariq Jamil Bayaans/Talks. Maulana Tariq Jamil is a well known Islamic Scholar from Pakistan.

Islam World Quotes Islam World Quotes v1.0

Islamic Quotes application is the most great collection of Holy quotes which are said by Prophet Mohammad to all Muslim followers, this app act as Archive of Wisdom and Mystical sayings.

Islamic World-Azaan Qudsi Quotes Islamic World-Azaan Qudsi Quotes v1.0

Offer your prayers to Allah punctually with Azaan.It contains collection of 40 Hadith Qudsi.This app also contains collections of quotes of Prophet Mohammed.

Dua Counter Dua Counter v1.1

count dua by mobile which is just like tasbih and also important surah for praying namaz and namaz yakth.

IphoneIslam IphoneIslam v13

it is an app for the website called I phone Islam in this app you can see news also their latest twitter tweets and videos also pics .I'm not associated with I phone Islam . and the text is in Arabic

Ankabut Radio Ankabut Radio v1.4.5 (Zaitun)

Ankabut, a simple radio tuner for Indonesian Islamic online radio.

إسلاميـات إسلاميـات v1.2

The Most Comprehensive Application for all Muslims

Islamic Events Islamic Events v1.2

Gives information about all the events that happened in islamic golden age