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m-taskkill m-taskkill v2.0

Task Manager Android Apps. Manage your process. Show detail action item process list and kill selected item process list right away. Enjoy manage your android process task.

Detailed Task Manager Detailed Task Manager v1.5

To Do List Task Manager takes a new approach to task management. Build you tasks with the steps required for completion. This gives you more detail and allows you greater flexibility. View active tasks or completed tasks, sort by category, delete tasks from either active view or completed view, use the provided categories or add your own custom categories. Complete tasks one step at a time or complete the entire task with a single tap. Download To Do List Task Manager today – FREE.

Todo Manager Todo Manager v1.3

Todo Manager is a simple Todo list manager. It lets you add, complete edit and delete tasks using a simple and user-friendly interface.

Task Manager Task Manager v1.0

Kill running tasks!

MyTaskmanager MyTaskmanager v1

MyTaskManager ist ein übersichtlicher Task Manager, mit extra Funktionen, wie das automatische Schließen der Tasks beim starten des Bildschirms.

hiTask hiTask v3.4.1

Uniquely designed, quality task and project management app for teams.

My To Do List My To Do List v1.3

This app will not let you forget anything.
Task Reminder, Task Scheduler, SMS scheduler, Task manager, Birthday Reminder, Birthday SMS scheduler,Morning SMS scheduler, Track your Pending Tasks. Categorize Your Tasks, Schedule your tasks daily,weekly and monthly.

Task Manager Task Manager v1.1

android Task Manager to close, management applications, optimizing the system, improve system performance!
Press and select the pop-up action menu item!

Classic Task Manager Classic Task Manager v1.1.0

Task Manager and App Uninstaller

ES Task Manager ES Task Manager v2.0.4

Save Battery,Free Memory,Kill task,close everything,Uninstall app,Speed up phone

TodoToday Pro for Todoist TodoToday Pro for Todoist v1.8.9

TodoToday Pro for Todoist is a todo list application to show due and overdue tasks from the online task management tool Todoist.

TodoToday Pro for TodoToday Pro for v1.8.10

TodoToday Pro for is a todo list application to show due and overdue tasks from the online task management tool

Droid Task Killer Elite Droid Task Killer Elite v1.5

A simple and amazing application to manage your applications and services. Free memory from unnecessary applications in just one click.

Task Manager Task Manager v1.7.0

One-stop task manager. Monitor and kill task, speed up phone, and save battery.

1*1widget to monitor memory usage.
search&sort task by name.
auto-kill task when screen off.
ignore app when kill.
vivid online help.

Task Manager Task Manager v1.1

○ View running applications and processes.
○ End a running application or process.
○ Switch to the running application.
○ Show Memory Information.

My Plan My Plan v2.1

Todo list with sorting, topics and notifications will not give forget important!

AndTask AndTask v3.4

AndTask is an android task management software,It can be manually or automatically optimize memory and end the processes,It contains an the best memory management software for freeing memory,can make your phone run smoothly when you run many apps,can view CPU and disable the apps.

AndTask AndTask v2.3

AndTask is an easy-to use task management software,it allows you to switch on or off running programs/apps/services.

Task Killer Task Killer v1.5

Task Killer is the best app to manage and kill applications and services!

TaskListManagerPro TaskListManagerPro v1.8

A simple task list application that provides task classification according to preset priority levels: low, medium, and high. Update tasks and delete them on app exit. Customize max characters displayed according to screen size. Export and Import the tasks to CSV or text file for viewing later on a bigger screen.

This app is only in English version.