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2GIS Dialer Beta 2GIS Dialer Beta v0.95.02

Well crafted dialer app for making calls to your friends and local business.

++BOX ++BOX v1.0

++BOX is a social network that is a fun place to be. You can connect with friends and the world, share music, videos and share with the world what's on your mind.

If you not have done it already, please go to and sign up and start sharing today. You might also want to look at Firefox Gluon which was specifically designed to enhance the user experience at ++BOX.

Hope to see you soon on ++BOX

BuzzChat BuzzChat v1.0.47

Buzz Chat is an application for collaborative language learning.

MailWise MailWise v2.0.12

MailWise – Read Just What You Need. The best conversation threads ever. A free email client that transforms messy emails into clean and clear conversations.

AP Labs MC AP Labs MC v1.6

The official app for the Apocalypse Labs Minecraft Network.

Best To Call Best To Call v4.04


Friends Dossier Friends Dossier v1.0

This app scans for your frequent contacts from your phone call KNOW Your Frequent Contacts, How many times you contacted your contacts, The last date of contact, Generate full contacts report and share.
Quickly send Group messages to Frequent contact

el72ny el72ny v2.1

Get Help from nearby people

Te Amo Te Amo v1.4

A one touch app with features like

-> Calling
-> Messaging
-> Locating
-> Chating

with your partner and building your relationships stronger.


Birthdays Birthdays v1.002

123Greetings, the world’s largest online destination for free ecards, greetings and wishes, brings you the most comprehensive birthday and anniversary calendar, reminder and ecards app.

CrossHelp CrossHelp v1.0

CrossHelp – free application of mutual assistance, which will help You, Your friends and relatives in a difficult moment, in the moment of danger; will preserve the health and property, and it is possible to save a life.

Chaatz Chaatz v1.0.79

Chaatz is a Social Messaging Platform for everyday users who have more than 1 mobile number, or wishes to have more than one profile. Chaatz is the only platform that allows multiple profiles on a single device. Chaatz also gives the users access to a private profile using a very special Chaatz Number through which interactions, conversations and identities can be private and/or anonymous.

Alien Forums Alien Forums v2.1.1

Alien Forums is the official Android app for the online forum community.

VIPole VIPole v1.7.2

VIPole messenger strongly encrypts instant text messages, group chats, voice calls, video calls and files so that no third-party (even we as service provider) is able to listen to conversations or tap into a message or file. VIPole is a secure messaging app powered by strong encryption technologies that perfectly guard your privacy, sensitive private communications and files from prying eyes and surveillance efforts.

sumrando sumrando v1.5.0.0

Online But Under the Radar


This SELCAL App is a tone encoder which sounds SELCAL selective calling tones.

DroidMsg Plugin DroidMsg Plugin v2.1.8

This is DroidMSG video call plugin for you to make / receive calls with members!

Simple Dictaphone Simple Dictaphone v2.0.4

* You get an idea, do not have time to write it.
* To make a shopping list on the way to the store.
* Quickly dictate a message and send it to someone or group by email or directly to smartphone(s).
* Make a record of the meeting and send it to the absent employees.
* Save audio recording of the meeting and create summary document from it.

People+Faces People+Faces v1.6.8

Social Network and Messenger All-In-One App with City-RADAR to find nice people and locations (restaurants, companies etc.) at any place in the world...20 languages supported.....non-commercal project - but admin-moderated and controlled to avoid any abuse in any way.

I WIsh You… I WIsh You… v1

I Wish You is made so that you could encourage, support and congratulate the other person. In turn, other people can write wishes to you, and to reply that wrote them with you.