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Bro-Soundboard Ultra Bro-Soundboard Ultra v1.0

Sounds that could only eminate in the presence of a true Bro. Are you a BRO?

Harry Potter Character Quiz Harry Potter Character Quiz v2.0

Harry Potter series is full of colorful characters. From Harry himself to magical creatures like Dobby or grown-ups like Professor McGonagall, the series is packed with memorable characters, but can YOU name all of them? We challenge you to guess these 50 memorable characters from the magical world of Harry Potter movies and to test your knowledge. We give you a picture, you name the character. Are you ready to test your wits and guess all the names?

Internet Radio Jazz Internet Radio Jazz v1.5

Enjoy live streaming internet radio right on your android mobile, Jazz.

Listen to internet radio on your Android phone.

This free app gives you access to dozens of online radio stations, focusing on jazz.

Bro Soundboard Bro Soundboard v3.15

Sounds that could only come from a true Bro.

Online Geek-Soundboard Online Geek-Soundboard v1.0

A cool little soundboard app that brings the online gaming experience to your phone.

Offline Reader Offline Reader v2.1

Offline Reader is a browser that saves your place on any text file or web page (HTML). Great for reading articles, books, and long passages that are on your Android device (phone or tablet). You can switch apps, shut this app down, or turn off your device. The next time you launch Offline Reader, you would be right back where you were the last time.

FingerPrint Lock FingerPrint Lock v1.0

Lock you phone to protect your data.
Read the description to learn the trick how to UNLOCK the phone.

-Lock the access to your private data
-Futuristic art design
-Fingerprint scanner
-Protect your images, videos and files

This fancy security application enables you to protect your phone with lock.

SPY-C SPY-C v1.3

Visio-Control via Wifi with your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Diwan-e-Ghalib Diwan-e-Ghalib v1.0

This app is a tribute to Ghalib for his enchanting ghazals with abundant features to excite your appetite for ghazals.

Secret Agent Secret Agent v2.0.4

Secret agent: stop feeling like a spy, be one of them!!

Dabangg 2 Dabangg 2 v3.621

Play Chulbul Pandey and shoot at criminals infesting the city of Lucknow.

Christmas Radio Time Shift Christmas Radio Time Shift v1.1

It is Christmas Time and everyone is in mood to enjoy christmas.Great.
We dance together by great music of christmas.

You can play,stop,listen live, rewind, seek back to any available position on the go with any radio station.

Snow Flakes Snow Flakes v1.0

* ∗ ☆ ∗ * ∗ ★ ∗ * ∗ ☆ ∗ * ∗ ★ ∗ * ∗ ☆ ∗ * ∗ * ∗ ★ ∗ *

Snow Flakes on your smartphone !!!

This application enables you to make you phone having snowflakes falling down on the screen, just like a real snowfall.
The effect is amazing and you will like it a lot.

Hundreds of HD snowflakes featuring millions of possible combinations...
Welcome to the fully customizable version of Snowflakes App.

Pre-School Maths Pre-School Maths v1.1

This Application can learn Maths for kids very easily. Also can learn maths fun way.

The Hobbit Quiz The Hobbit Quiz v2.0

Are you ready to go on a unexpected journey in the magical world of Hobbits, dragons and other magical creatures from the lands of Middle-earth? Take this quiz and test your knowledge of the story of The Hobbits. Our quiz questions will guide you through the story of one Hobbit and one spirited group of Dwarves on their dangerous journey. Can you guess their next move and answer the questions? Give it a try. It must have a contest with us, Preciouss!

RealPlayer RealPlayer v1.1.2.0


Touch Ball Scary Touch Ball Scary v1.3

scare the people you know while the front camera is recording their reaction.

Xmas Tone Xmas Tone v1.0

This app contains the most popular, sweet and warm Christmas music ringtones. You can set your desired music to default ringtone.The best songs of Christmas and have available in your mobile.Con this application you can enjoy the best Christmas villainous.Choose ringtone, alarm, share,notification etc ...

Winner Winner v10.0

a Very Fast Automatic Re-dialer for your phone!

Banner It Banner It v1.3

Create a banner that you can add pictures, take photos, play music or sound effects while your message is displayed, add text effects etc so have fun. You can even save your favorite banners so you can retrieve them later.