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Helpy Bear Helpy Bear vVersion H1

Helpy bear, un livre dont vous êtes le héros, totalement gratuit, et fait par vous! Aidez Léo à retrouver son doudou.

Ask A Pirate Ask A Pirate v1.0

Have your questions answered by a pirate! That's right, a pirate!

Da Marco Da Marco v1.8

Marco Del Grotto, un giovane pizzaiolo di Caserta, ha il piacere di
presentarvi la sua "Pizzeria DA MARCO".
La sua Pizzeria è nata dall'idea ambiziosa di offrire alla propria clientela il gusto di
un'ottima Pizza e non solo, unita alla qualità del servizio al giusto prezzo!

GAM GAM v3.1

L'applicazione per Android del Gruppo Astrofili Minturno (GAM)

Dress up Baby Dress up Baby v1.1

This Application contain fun dress changing funny activities for kids.

Christmas tree Christmas tree v1.0

Enjoy creating your own Christmas tree. Choose your decorations, lights and presents.

The Big Bang Theory Quiz The Big Bang Theory Quiz v1.0

The The Big Bang Theory quiz for free!
if you are fun of the The Big Bang Theory than you will like this.

This app have questions about your favorite TV series about Sheldon,Haward,Rajesh and Leonard.
How fast do you manage to answer to the questions?
If you think you are the best then give a try and compare your score with your friends.

Questions of various difficulty will allow you to fill your knowledge about this movie.

Image Editor Image Editor v2.1.1

Image Editor for Android is a very simple and free photo editor.
Using this application you can do many things with your images.

Coloring 4 Kids Coloring 4 Kids v1.2

This application developed for who likes to learn drawing and painting.

Cosmic experience Cosmic experience v4.2

Travel the galaxy and explore the universe! Take a breathtaking 3D ride on your way to meet with aliens, then soar at light speed through majestic spiral galaxies and nebulas.
With incredible 3D effects that will have you submerged in the mysteries of the cosmos, this app is designed with hypnotic visual effects, ideal for meditation.

Quick Escape - Library Quick Escape - Library v1.0.1

Someone has locked the door! Can you escape the library?

Darwin Awards Darwin Awards v1.0.3

Everyone has heard of the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin. But have you heard tales that are told Darwin, sitting by the fireplace and smoking his pipe? Probably not. Actually Darwin was quite a strange man, and told mainly about people who because of their intellectual abilities are leaving this world of stupid way. Even award established. Well, God will judge him ... ie ... the evolution, of course.

Crocodile Affair Crocodile Affair v1.0

A humorous Android Mobile Comic. So enjoy it to the fullest.

Spirit of Christmas Spirit of Christmas v1.0.9

Get into the holiday now! This simple and cute animated widget gives you the spirit of Christmas and New Year holidays.

Advent calendar carols Advent calendar carols v1.0

Advent calendars display the days of December left before Christmas.
This advent calendar represents each day with a number and a Santa Claus hat:
this hat is hanging on the left if you can open the box and on the the right if the displayed day is not passed as yet.
By clicking on a click enabled day, a Christmas carol appears.

nöid nöid v8

Change your voice into a humanoid voice with nöid vöice! 14 different voice effects. You can also change pitch and speed of your voice!

Thanksgiving decor Thanksgiving decor v1.0

If you need some easy D.I.Y. ideas for Thanksgiving Day or just a nice and elegant Thanksgiving wallpaper for your phone you are in the right place. Here are some photos that you can use as inspiration for your Thanksgiving decor, or just as a background image for your phone to get in the holiday mood.

Twilight Quiz Twilight Quiz v1.0

This is Twilight Quiz.Play and join the fun.
Find out how well you know your favorite movie.
This quiz/trivia has 50 questions.Some of them are easy and some are harder.

SMS Spam SMS Spam v1.0

Have fun with your friends and annoy them by sending them tons of message !

Mango Zombies Mango Zombies v2.0

Love bed-time stories? What if we just give your heart a mini-attack with our killer stories? Welcome to 'Mango Zombies', your horrific nights are to be discovered!