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Amuse Amuse v3.0

Amuse - Mobile browser for 9gag, Cheezburger, TFLN, FailBlog, bash, fmylife and others!

Amuse is a revolutionary application that let you browse your favourite entertainment sites on your device. It was optimized for mobile devices, to make sure all images, videos and quotes are displayed correctly.

Super Cute! Super Cute! v2012.10.21

Super Cute is a fun way to discover and share cute animal photos. Save your favorites and set them as your wallpaper! See photos of cute cats, silly puppies, funny forest creatures, and much more. Have fun using the app with your friends, at home with the family, or just to pass the time.

VisualTest VisualTest v1.0

Freak your friends!
This application seems to be a visual test but behind it lies a frightening image accompanied by a terrifying cry, which is activated when the maximum attention of prey.

My Koi Pond My Koi Pond v8.

Hang out and find inner peace at your own Koi Pond!

Almoskonyv Online Almoskonyv Online v1.4

*** Dream book only in hungarian language. ***

GhostCam GhostCam v1.0

+ Over 40 ghosts and blood to play around with! Scare your friends!
+ Blood photos
+ Color mode: Saturation and Contrast
+ Share on your Twitter, Facebook, Email, and others!

I'M TRYING TO BUY A CAR WITH THE SALES OF THIS APP. Support me by buying the app! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Please rate and review for me, so I can update the app to make it better.

LoudCock LoudCock v1.1

LoudCock app for loud and fun people.
Good joke for your friends.
Best sound ever. Good app for your prank.

Triple Horn Triple Horn v1.2

Trick your friends with our app!
The best air horn! TripleHorn!

New version available soon...

London ParaGames 2012 London ParaGames 2012 v1.1.5

Be connected to the Paralympics and get all the live updates from London by this app.

FingerPrint FingerPrint v1.0

have fun to fool your friends.

Prank Barber Set Prank Barber Set v1.0

Would you like to make some fun?
Just imagine your friend. The sound of a hair clipper appears near her hair...
And she has just noticed a couple of moves of your arms.
Dangerously сlose to her hair...

TIMEBOMB prank TIMEBOMB prank v1.0

Would you like to make some fun with your friend?
Use Prank Timebomb.

乐围棋 乐围棋 v1.5.383

Idea Chess -WeiQi is free for you to play, review, score GO.
GO, a game installed in android device is a traditional game of 2000+ years in China and now popular in Japan, Korean and China.
You can play GO with the device due to the intelligent technique in the program.
You can open and save a SGF file, which is the common file format for this game.
The smart input method makes your convenience to use compact size of smart phone, pad.

乐升级 乐升级 v1.7.383

Idea Tractor, also called by "upgrade", "80 scores" or "double pick-up", uses double sets of poker.
4 persons, divided into 2 teams, try to earn more scores in order to enter higher level.
1. The rule is as simple as possible, so it's very funny to play with other 3 friends and have a match.
2. Enjoy your easy and leisure time during the game.
3. Need not register to the internet, so you can enjoy wireless mobile life at any place.

Real Gun Sounds Real Gun Sounds v1.0

This soundboard is full of gun sounds... Machine Guns, Revolvers, Shotgun, Desert Eagle, M4A1, Uzi, M9 Pistol, Magnum, and Assault Guns.

What are you waiting for? Get this app now!

Fake Meows Fake Meows v1.1

Trick your cat with Fake Meows ! Fake Meows is a simple/easy app that generates sounds that cats can hear, and eventually react to.

ARY Digital ARY Digital v1

Watch ARY DIGITAL on your android device and google TV

This Application is free and supported by push notifictions and home icons shortcuts ads

Video Frames Gallery Video Frames Gallery v2.0

Extract best milliseconds of your life from your videos into picture galleries.
Video Frames Gallery allows grabbing and editing frames from your videos and putting the pictures into dedicated galleries, as contact photos or wallpapers.

Logos quiz Logos quiz v1.0

Logos quiz

This is a quiz game where you have to guess the logos of different brands

Russian Video Search Russian Video Search v8.0.2

Type and speak in Russian or English. Find Russian videos on Youtube, Yandex, Google and VKontakte.