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FirstAidKit FirstAidKit v1.0

This application First Aid Kit is for creating awareness for the people who stuck with accidents and other common medical difficulties like Asthma, Unconsciousness, diabetics… (Etc.)

Health Calculator Health Calculator v1.0

Health Calculator Pro

If you want to know what is your ideal weight or how many calories you burn per day, this application is for you.

With the help of this application you can calculate:
-BMI (Body Mass Index)
-BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
-Ideal Body Fat Percentage for your weight,height and age

Environs Now Environs Now v2.7.1

The latest local information on the environment, direct from the EPA.

Shake Clock Shake Clock v1.0.0

Shake Clock is a very interesting app. .Open the application, you can choose to add the voice sounded the alarm, you can also set the intensity and frequency of shaking, if you are a man that return to sleep, then you'd better tune is the most vigorous and most times.

Eye Test Eye Test v1.0

Eye Test is a app that can test your eyes color-blindness.

Satsportslog Lite Satsportslog Lite v2.0

Satsports-Log is your all in one sports app. Ideal for running, cycling, mountain biking, hiking and training. It also has some fun visual features such as maps and graphs of your elevation, speed and pace. Real time Statistics: Satsports-log has all the stats you could wish. Your live statistics are the bigger numbers on the screen which indicate your current speed, current distances and altitude.

medLDL light medLDL light v11.12.1

The BNP is mapped on a graph of NYHA class.

From the laboratory test results triglycerides, HDL cholesterol are :

- Cholesterol / HDL
- Atherogenic index (AIP)



Health Now Health Now v3.5

The latest news from the National Institutes of Health.

GFR GFR v13.3.2

Graphical representation of protein profiles in urine.
Calculates estimated GFR. Choose from the following formulas:

- Schwartz

The units may be in the SI or US / UK system, set in Preferences.


medBMI medBMI v12.8.2

BMI (Body Mass Index: Adultes, CDC for 2 - 20 Years) and the daily caloric requirement (basal metabolic rate - BMR), WHR (Waist-to-hip ratio), WHtR (Waist to Height Ratio)
In metric and imperial units

Balance Your Life Balance Your Life v1.3

Software for the right balance.
The game of your life.
Collect points of experience for your own action and change your life.

MyCurves MyCurves v2.1

Track your weight, your BMI and discover your ideal weight with MyCurves!

Womans Health Dairy 1.0 Womans Health Dairy 1.0 v1.5

Maestros Mediline Systems Ltd presents Womans Health Diary, a complete application dedicated to keep todays women on the move keep a track of her health, her menstruation cycles, goal based self assesment helpful for family planning.

Epilepsy: An Overview Epilepsy: An Overview v1.0

Epilepsy is a common neurological condition. It can affect anyone.
This app provides a general understanding of epilepsy.

Easy Arm Workout Easy Arm Workout v1.1

Use your phone as weightlifting. You can add the additional weight of the arm (and register it on the app). You register phone brand, additional weight and the number of rounds to lift. The App will provide an animation when you lift and lower the phone, and count the number of rounds of specified weight. When you have reached your goal, it will presente the results with a total weight lifted.

A fun little app that can be used anywhere (e.g. the office).

Detox Naturally Detox Naturally v1.4

Toxicity is one of the greatest concerns in the 20th century. This is because there are several factors contributing in the development of toxins in the human body such as stronger chemicals, water and air pollution, nuclear power, and radiation. Many people are ingesting new chemicals, using all kinds of drugs, eating more sugar as well as refined foods, and abusing themselves with various sedatives and stimulants.

ilkYRDM ilkYRDM v1.0


Armixtos Armixtos v1.2

App version of the guestbook of the Armixtos volleybal website.

Weight Calculator Plus Weight Calculator Plus v1.7

Weight Points Calculator allows you to calculate your target number of points per day, as well as calculate points on food items, per the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program.

Health Calculator Health Calculator v1.0

Health Calculator provides the best way to analyze your Health and Fitness. 11 Most Vital Health Measurements are provided with detailed Definitions and Specifications. Supports both Imperial and Metric forms of Calculation. A must have Health Care and Fitness Utility.