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Kids Maze Abc Kids Maze Abc v1.1

***The Cute Desert Fox, Vito's Intricate Maze-Exploration! ***
***You can learn English words of animals with 26 alphabets!***

Kids Dot 2 Dot Kids Dot 2 Dot v1.1.2

Kids Connect Dot 2 Dot.

Кэтландия Кэтландия v1.2.2

The playful adventure is waiting for you! Try to find the kitties hidden everywhere and then match them in pairs. Look thoughtfully, as they like to hide. The kitties don’t like to play alone, so find them a pair. You will surely make friends with these frisky woobies, who so want to play with you!

Shuffle Match for Kids Shuffle Match for Kids v1.0

Fun memory matching for all aged kids

Kids Math Kids Math v2.0

Do you think math is boring? Not with this game!
Have fun adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers.
Check your maths skills and help your child learn maths.

Rainbow Loom Designer Rainbow Loom Designer v1.0.1

Rainbow Loom Designer. Make friendship bracelets and see your designs in action!

iziOddOne iziOddOne v1.0.3

This game is designed for 5-8 years old kids. In this funny game your kid has to guess which one of three or four items does not belong to the group.
This app includes more than 1700 unique questions designed by an AI.
As a result you can see his/her learning curve and intelligence hours via graphs.

Tidy House Tidy House v1.4.1

Have fun while your kids learn to be organized.

abc coloring abc coloring v1.1

Fun and educational app designed to teach children letters, sounds and colors.

Draw and Connect Draw and Connect v1.0.2

Connect the dots to discover beautiful animals, while learning ordered numbers, letters of the alphabet and basic vocabulary. The funny colorful pictures and sounds will keep your son or daughter engaged and willing to discover more.

100 colorful scenarios across 5 worlds!!!

Dress Up Dress Up v8.51

It's the start of the day, so lets dress up our lovely baby!

EasyDrum4Kids EasyDrum4Kids v3.0.0

easy drum(percussion) lesson for kids.

ABC - Letters Numbers for Kids ABC - Letters Numbers for Kids v1.1.0

Playing the ABC Letters and Numbers kids are learn to distinguish letters from numbers, tapping on them!

Math Pop Math Pop v4.1

• Pop Balloons, get points, beat levels!
• Over 90 levels!
• Different each time you play!
• Beautiful art and relaxing music!
• Subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication.

Kids Learning Vehicles Kids Learning Vehicles v1.9

Kids Learning Vehicles is an educational game to teach kids about vehicles.

Draw and Connect Draw and Connect v1.0.6

Play, draw and connect the dots, and learn numbers, letters and basic vocabulary

Asia Asia v1.0

Animals of Asia.
Discover Asian animals and their sounds in this fun application. Play 4 funny games.

Puzzles Puzzles v1.1.0

Learning with Little Julen: Puzzles Collection.
Enjoy playing puzzles of Little Julen adventures: “Means of Transportation” and “ Animals of Africa”. There are 36 concepts for kids to learn.
Configure your puzzle with an easy editor and discover more than 280 possible combinations of puzzles

Toddlers Time Toddlers Time v1.0

The game toddlers love.

DrawAndLearnLetters DrawAndLearnLetters v1.2

Download Draw and Learn Letters to help your kids learn how to draw the letters of the English alphabet.