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Puzzles Puzzles v1.1.0

Learning with Little Julen: Puzzles Collection.
Enjoy playing puzzles of Little Julen adventures: “Means of Transportation” and “ Animals of Africa”. There are 36 concepts for kids to learn.
Configure your puzzle with an easy editor and discover more than 280 possible combinations of puzzles

Toddlers Time Toddlers Time v1.0

The game toddlers love.

DrawAndLearnLetters DrawAndLearnLetters v1.2

Download Draw and Learn Letters to help your kids learn how to draw the letters of the English alphabet.

Preschool Learning - Ocean Fun Preschool Learning - Ocean Fun v1.0.0

It’s time you adventure into a bubblelicious experience! Enjoy an amazing preschool game which mixes the aquatic experience with the learning one.

Memory Memory v1.0.2

Improve your memory while playing Hellokids Memory games app!

Tale puzzles for kids Tale puzzles for kids v1.0.2

Educate and entertain your children with puzzles from your favorite tales.

EasyPiano4Kids EasyPiano4Kids v4.0.0

Easy piano lesson for kids

Car Wash and Spa Car Wash and Spa v1.0.1

Amazing and very cool, smiling, personalized toy cars are waiting For you KIDS in the greatest CAR WASH and SPA in the universe! Red, blue, green, KIDS, get ready to pick your awesome car and bring it to the best car salon!

FillInTheBlanks FillInTheBlanks v1.0

Fill in the blanks is a simple number game designed for kids which allows to enter five numbers on it's 20 cell board where five cells are randomly erased.

Logic and Spatial Intelligence Logic and Spatial Intelligence v1.0.2

Logic and Spatial Intelligence: educational games for preschool IQ training (age 3-7)

Not Like the Others Not Like the Others v1.0.2

Not Like the Others: Educational games for development of cognitive abilities and logic (kids 3-5 years old)

Memory and Attention Memory and Attention v1.0.2

Memory and Attention: 6 educational games for 4-7 year olds

Pet Spa Salon - Safari Pet Spa Salon - Safari v1.0.0

The cutest baby-pets are waiting to be BUBBLED up at their favorite Spa Salon, in the middle of Safari!
Have fluffable moments of fun while getting them nice and clean, then style them up with fancy-pancy stuff! And guess what? These bundles of joy INTERACT at every step!!

Synonyms Synonyms v1.1

Find the synonym of a given word. Build your vocabulary in a fun way.

Memory Game For Kids Memory Game For Kids v1.0

Memory Game For Kids for help develop memory skills while having fun

Fun With Numbers Fun With Numbers v1.9

Fun game: Count the numbers by touching or moving them to the center.

Spelling Puzzle Spelling Puzzle v1.6

Search and spell words correctly. It is fun and educational

Baby Games Baby Games v1.15

Baby Games - a collection of games to entertain your baby.

Logic and Concentration Logic and Concentration v1.1.3

Logic and Concentration: educational games for preschool kids 3-4 years old

Toy Island: Building for kids Toy Island: Building for kids v6.0.0

Build the greatest Toy Island of all time! We have toys for everyone!

The very naughty Prof. Stark has beamed away all toy factories in Toy Island! All blueprints have been destroyed and all hope of rebuilding a sky village full of fantastic toys are gone. As the young kids were playing in the sand they found one blueprint. Everyone was so happy that all started to rebuild the once lost toy city.