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Bengali Picture Dictionary Bengali Picture Dictionary v1.0

Improve vocabulary & understanding of world with "Bengali Picture Dictionary"

Arabic Picture Dictionary Arabic Picture Dictionary v1.0

Improve vocabulary & understanding of world with "Arabic Picture Dictionary"

英语单词 英语单词 v1.2


营业时间词汇 - 学习外语时,面临的最大挑战之一。 据了解,4000-5000最常用的话让95%的书面语言,1000个最常用词口语词同比增长85%。

英単語 英単語 v1.2

あなたは英語学習と語彙を拡大したいですか? あなたはすぐに5000を覚えてできるように私たちのトレーニングゲーム、 "英単語"は、ほとんどの英語の単語を使ってみてください。アプリケーションは正常に効果的に外国語を覚えるためのトレーニングやゲーム力学に科学的なアプローチを兼ね備えています。

영어 단어 영어 단어 v1.2

당신은 영어 학습과 어휘력을 확장 할 수 있습니다? 당신은 신속하게 5000 대부분 영어로 단어를 사용 기억할 수 있도록 우리의 훈련 게임 "영어 단어"를보십시오. 응용 프로그램이 성공적으로 효과적으로 외국의 단어를 암기하는 훈련과 게임 역학에 대한 과학적 접근을 결합합니다.

Rapid Kana Rapid Kana v1.4.1

Rapid Kana - Learn and Master - Hiragana & Katakana

الكلمات الانجليزية الكلمات الانجليزية v1.2

كنت تعلم الانجليزية وترغب في توسيع نطاق المفردات الخاصة بك؟ محاولة لعبتنا التدريب، "كلمات الإنجليزية"، والذي يسمح لك أن تتذكر بسرعة 5000 الكلمات الأكثر استخداما في اللغة الإنجليزية. ويجمع هذا التطبيق بنجاح نهج علمي لتدريب والميكانيكا لعبة على حفظ الكلمات الأ

Thesaurus Map Thesaurus Map v1.9

Browse synonyms in a mind map visual style.

Dictionary Dictionary v1.3

A simple English to English Dictionary.
With direct links to Google and Wikipedia for more details.

Conjugador de verbos Conjugador de verbos v1.2

Conjuga cualquier verbo, incluso los irregulares y pronominales. /
Conjugate any verb in Spanish, with full support for irregular & reflexive verbs.

English To Urdu Dictionary English To Urdu Dictionary v3.5

This is Sharpsol given you the comprehensive Urdu dictionary.

China Bubbles China Bubbles v1.71

v.1.71 LOT'S OF NEW STUFF incl. New mini game 'QUIZ'!
v.1.5 - UI improvements & native support for Spanish, French, German, Italian and Finnish

CHINA BUBBLES is a simple action game that helps you memorize Chinese characters.

You don't have to know Chinese to get started, whether you just want to be able to read a menu or learn hundreds of characters, CHINA BUBBLES will help you!

Arabic Dictionary Sharpsol Arabic Dictionary Sharpsol v3.5

It well be one of the best English to Arabic dictionary of the market.

Funny hangman for kids Funny hangman for kids v1.1

Do you want your kids to have fun playing hangman game, learning lot of words in English and Spanish and besides enjoying with creative designs?
Then download this APP and let your kids have a good time gessing words.
With two game levels, one low with hints to help the little ones and another high without hints for the bravest.
This game besides having a great diversity of categories, has very creative designs. Check them!

Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus v8.0.230

Oxford American Dictionary & Thesaurus – The perfect tool for anyone who has ever spent time going back and forth from the thesaurus to the dictionary, in search of just the right word. This bundle is an all-in-one desk reference offering the range and depth of a full dictionary, with a wide selection of synonyms and antonyms, plus valuable writing tips and information--all combined in one convenient, integrated volume.

Concise Oxford American Dictionary Concise Oxford American Dictionary v8.0.251

The Concise Oxford American Dictionary includes more than 180,000 entries and definitions, complete with pronunciations, parts of speech, syllabification, inflected forms, and derivatives. All Oxford American dictionaries include an easy-to-use respelling system to show how entries are pronounced. It also represents common American English sounds using simple and familiar markup for each entry.

Oxford Italian Dictionary Oxford Italian Dictionary v8.0.225

The Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary is the most complete and up-to-date Italian dictionary available.

Oxford French Dictionary Oxford French Dictionary v8.0.225

Acclaimed by language professionals from all over the world, the Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary leads its field.

Oxford German Dictionary Oxford German Dictionary v8.0.223

The Oxford German Dictionary provides authoritative coverage of German and English, complete with essential grammatical information and language usage notes for both languages.

New Oxford American Dictionary New Oxford American Dictionary v9.1.284

As Oxford's flagship American dictionary, the New Oxford American Dictionary sets the standard of excellence for lexicography with the most comprehensive and accurate coverage of American English available.