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Limit Of Defense Limit Of Defense v1.0.8

Punish the aggressor together!
Our future depends on you, soldier!

Lord of Jewels Lord of Jewels v1.3

Sort the crystals by form and color.

MagnetHex MagnetHex v1.7

MagnetHex is puzzle game where hexa magnets pull/push towards a red perimeter.

PassThrough PassThrough v0.3.0

Simple tap game. Be patient, wait for time to pass the obstacle !

Bouncing Bubble Bouncing Bubble v1.1

Jump from wall to wall

Sky Runner Sky Runner v1.1

Run through avoiding obstacle and jumping over broken path of tunnel

JackCourierMissionMexicoCity JackCourierMissionMexicoCity v1.3.4

Chase down the notorious criminal “El Chacal” throughout Mexico City.

Just Lucky Just Lucky v1.0.8

How many happy faces can you guess?

Crossing road Crossing road v1.0.1

Pedestrians in a hurry to the other world. Well, we'll help them, if they insist

Dwarf Cart Rider Dwarf Cart Rider v1.0.1

Help dwarf to collect as many orbs as possible !

Viking - avalanche and treasure Viking - avalanche and treasure v1.0.1

Help little Viking to collect as many coins as possible !

Space Saver Space Saver v1.0.1

Escape astronauts, earn points

Fly Peak Pick Fly Peak Pick v1.0.3

Enjoy your time by playing this game with kid, family, love or friend

Block Breaker Block Breaker v1.0.1

Block Breaker! is a arcade game where you have to destroy all the colored blocks with a paddle and a ball to win the game.

The Troll Eye The Troll Eye v1.3

Climb as high as you can. Be fast & smart. The blocks will not wait for you!

CatUp CatUp v1.0

Help a cat to get to the highest point of the drainpipe avoiding the ravens.
Try to get maximum points!

Present Danger Present Danger v1.0.11

With the clear and present danger of the holiday season—cut throat shoppers, deadlines, monsters—one can never be too prepared.

SvsA SvsA v1.1.2

You are the last man standing.

Asterix Asterix v1.5.0

The year is 50 BC. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely… One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders.

Fort Boyard Fort Boyard v2.1

Envie de partir à la conquête des Boyards ? Alors relevez dès maintenant le défi !