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Physics Park Physics Park v1.3

We welcome to the world of physics. It is a fun and exciting way of learning about physics. What is physics? It is the scientific study of subjects of matter.

Personality & EQ Test Personality & EQ Test v1.00

Discover yourself and develop your skills. Learn about your personality and emotional intelligence using this scientific personality and emotional intelligence assessment test.

Chicoo ABC Chicoo ABC v1.1

- Learn letters from A to Z
- Write letters from A to Z with colorful painting.
- Learn basic word with Puzzle Game.
- Learn concepts with bubble game.

Penghitung Mini Penghitung Mini v1.1.0

Aplikasi ini adalah aplikasi yang berfungsi untuk menghitung konversi suhu, konversi satuan berat, konversi satuan panjang, konversi satuan volume, luas bangun ruang, dan volume bangun ruang.

Diwan-e-Ghalib Diwan-e-Ghalib v3.0

This application contains selected ghazals of Ghalib along with various other features.

Bizpunditz Lite Bizpunditz Lite v4.0.3.6

Learn management best practices in short video clips from top Indian business leaders.

FeedShare FeedShare v1.0

FeedShare is a mobile RSS Reader application for android platform.

المواريث المواريث v1.0.1

الجدول الميسر في الفرائض

Numbers Numbers v1.1

Simple and fun way for your child to learn numbers, pronouncing number, finding number, counting things with audio support in english and croatian language...

My First Color My First Color v1.0

Simple app for preschool kids that shows and says the name of a color when a circle is pressed.

SeñalizaDroide SeñalizaDroide v1.21

Con SeñalizaDroide aprenderás/recordarás las señales de Tráfico españolas. Incluyes sencillos test para ayudarte a memorizar o probar tus conocimientos.

Stink Bugs Stink Bugs v1.2

Protect your home and backyard from the menace of Stink bugs!

Quizpedia Quizpedia v2.0

Quizpedia is easy to use and provide questions from deep research that intrigues anyone that uses the apps. The app is nicely interactive and the educational activities are capable to engage users for a long time. Engaging and very straightforward to use.

IP App IP App v1.0

GoIP is Educational application which makes it easy to find details about IP and Network.

GEMS communicator GEMS communicator v1.0.3

A gateway to student information, for GEMS School

Over 40,000 Recipies Over 40,000 Recipies v13527.67834

Access 40,000 Recipes on your phone/tablet! Our huge and comprehensive database of recipes includes everything you could possibly want. You can also rate recipes and upload new recipes for others to enjoy.

Teacher TimeTable Teacher TimeTable v1.0

Teacher Time Table is a simple application use to help teachers to organize lecture and class
هو تطبيق بسيط يساعد المدرس علي تنظيم جدول الحصص

Peulot Heshbon Peulot Heshbon v1.0

A program which purpose is to teach children basic math.

Socionics Socionics v1.2.1

An android application about Socionics, the science of human relations.

Learn Algebra Learn Algebra v6.5

Want to learn algebra? Prepare with our comprehensive algebra app! Our app features everything you’ll need to learn and review algebra, from an all-inclusive algebra textbook to a number of procedural problem generators to cement your knowledge.