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DrawMe DrawMe v1.0

Draw what you like without paper and pen. Just use your finger to draw what is in your mind.

It’s very so simply and easy to use. Even 3-year-old kids can use it.

Kids can practice ABC letter writing, paintings, coloring, cartoon drawing etc..

Cryptography Cryptography v1.0

Cryptography is well defined as ‘hidden secrets’ .It is a technique of encoding and decoding. This app brings the possibility to convert personal messages to encrypted text. Encrypted text is no more readable unless it gets decrypted.

AccountsAssistant AccountsAssistant v1.3

Accounts Assistant is designed to simplify the components of financial statement which are used in the everyday life of the accountants.

Math to the Rescue (Lite) Math to the Rescue (Lite) v1.0.3

An educational game in which kids practice addition and subtraction while rescuing people.

PsychoTimer PsychoTimer v2.5.2

Set of helpful tools for the psychometric tests in Israel including:
Special timer that simulates the exam in real time.
Special calculator to approximate your simulation score.
Detailed review of simulations' history.

To all those who want to practice to the exam in real-life experience, it’s time to throw those simple timers away!
A MUST HAVE app for every successful examine!!!

Kids First Play Kids First Play v1.0.5

Make learning for your kids fun and enjoyable with this app for kids.

Hadits Bukhari Hadits Bukhari v0.7.0

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatuLLAH wabarokatuh ...

This is a simple free application to present Hadits Bukhari in Android device. The Hadits Bukhari is translated in Bahasa Indonesia.

Aplikasi ini untuk menampilkan lebih dari 6900 Hadits Bukhari secara gratis.
Dengan pencarian hadits menurut kata-kunci sebagai fitur utamanya.

Terima kasih.
Wassalamu'alaikum wr wb

Math to the Rescue Math to the Rescue v6.0.2

An educational game in which kids practice addition and subtraction (and, for more advanced users, multiplication and division) while rescuing people in dire circumstances in five different scenarios.

HistorySensei HistorySensei v2.4

History sensei, est un quiz d'histoire. Chaque époque est représenté par 20 questions, du fait divers à l'invention révolutionnaire.

Q2A Flags Q2A Flags v0.0.12

Q2A Flags is a question and answer app for flags

Q2A Air Q2A Air v0.0.90

Q2A Air is a question and answer app for aviation subjects

CSS Vade Mecum CSS Vade Mecum v1.3.5

CSS Vade Mecum is a manual for ready CSS reference. It provides a summary of the most essential CSS properties accompanied with interactive demonstrations. Application can be used by students learning Web design and development, by experienced webmasters and designers, or by any blogger who wants to go beyond predefined blogging templates.

Geo Whiz Geo Whiz v1.01

Geo Whiz provides a fun way to explore different countries and expand your knowledge about their Capitals, Flags, Maps, Languages, Currencies, National Anthems, Governments and other facts.

We've made learning easy and fun using:

- World Tutor to learn
- Flashcards to memorize
- Quizzes to test your knowledge

It’s the best way to become a whiz in world geography!

ABC balloons ABC balloons v2.1

"ABC balloons" is a great app to help your baby learn to pronounce and visually identify the alphabet.

Number Base Converter Number Base Converter v1.3

This application converts number from one base to all other including fraction part.

Enciclopedia Medica Enciclopedia Medica v1.0

Enciclopedia Medica ILLUSTRATA ™ - in offerta per la prima settimana!

BMW Ultimate Guide BMW Ultimate Guide v1.0

An ultimate guide for BMW fans / cars, one of the best on the market!

Monkey Math Balance Monkey Math Balance v1.0.1

Have fun in this new style math game where you have to balance the scales by adding numbers. Gather awesome powerups to get hints. Use your score to buy hint and time.

How to Play:
Drag the numbered coconuts onto the scales so that the sum total is equal on both sides.

Colors for Kids Colors for Kids v1.0

Teach smaller colors in multiple languages​​. English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian.
This program is designed for children between 5 and 10 years to support their studies in other languages​​.

Animals for Kids Animals for Kids v2.0

Teach your child the animals in Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Portuges and English.

It shows a series of letters (21 different animals) shown in the animal's name in both English, Chinese, Italian, Portuges and Spanish.
Also, you can hear the name in both languages​​.