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Buddhism Buddhism v1.0.2

***** LAUNCH SALE, ONLY $0.99 *****


- Fundamentals of Buddhism
- Entire Dhammapada Translation (over 300 quotes)
- 21 Lamrim Meditations with Custom Timer
- Daily Reminders

Optimized for Phones and Tablets!

The most complete Buddhism App on the market! The Only one you need.

Covers all the bases to get you started with Buddhism and keep you on track.

Buddhism Free Buddhism Free v1.0.1

Buddhism Free

This Free version of "Buddhism" App for Android contains most features of the full one.
Free only has the first 2 of Lamrim Meditations (Full has all 21 Meditations, Daily Reminders and No Ads).

- Fundamentals of Buddhism
- Entire Dhammapada Translation (over 300 quotes)
- Lamrim Meditations with Custom Timer

Optimized for Phones and Tablets!

E-inspect E-inspect v1.3

What additives are in your food? Is your food healthy? What is the meaning of an E number? Know your food! Use E-inspect Food Additives to identify more than 500 additives (E numbers) that are present in many everyday food products.

Skydive-Altimeter Skydive-Altimeter v3.0

Skydive Altimeter (*** This is NOT a real altimeter ***)

This is altimeter simulator can be used to help a SkyDiving student to practice altitude awareness. That is to practice looking at your altimeter regularly during the dive and being aware of your altitude.

Weight Tracker Weight Tracker v2.02

Keep track of your weight the easy way.

Body Fat Calc GR Body Fat Calc GR v1.2.0

Body Fat Calc GR.Greek language. Ελληνικη εφαρμογή.

BasketEditor BasketEditor v6.0.0

Basketbal Editor Playbook Clipboard.

Psycho Walkman Psycho Walkman v1.0

Application brings functionality of popular AVS Devices (aka Mind machines or Brain machines) to your Android™. AVS means "audio visual stimulation".

stopwatch stopwatch v1.0

Easy to use stopwatch with 0.001 second accuracy. Records laptimes and cumulative total times for later editing. Simple user interface!

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v6.0

Fast and easy to use.

Supports Metric System (cm/m/kg) and Imperial Units (ft./in./lbs.).
Shows your exact over- and underweight.

Minuman Tradisional Minuman Tradisional v1.2.1

Aplikasi ini berisi resep minuman olahan dari Indonesia yang berguna untuk kesehatan tubuh, misalnya minuman bandrek, bajigur, es asam manis, dan lain-lain. Setiap minuman diolah dari bahan rempah dan tanaman obat asli Indonesia sehingga anda tidak akan kesulitan menemukan bahan-bahan tersebut.

Maths Ninja ! Maths Ninja ! v1.0.3

This is a game to improve your mental arithmetics and calculus (your children also can!) but having fun at the same time.


This application is pointed to both citizens and visitors of Greece, in need of any kind of medical supply in the country. The application works offline, and will provide the user with all the information needed to find any kind of medical services supplier (doctors, diagnostical centers, hospitals e.t.c.).

SHBManager SHBManager v1.0

Smart Heart Beat Manager: An android application designed for ECG device to manage the patients heart rates.

Nature Sounds Limitless Nature Sounds Limitless v1.0

Listen to the sound of sea waves natuaral,frog chourus,bird songs,rain and more.

Listen to the sound of sea waves natuaral, or sound of natural rainfall, or natural sound of water currents. Close your eyes, put on a headphone , touch this application.

You are NOT limited to a few different sounds.


Cosmetics Design Cosmetics Design v1.3

Download de Cosmetics Design App voor eerlijk & onafhankelijk advies op het gebied van liposculpture, fillings, facelifts, borstvergroting en nog veel meer!
Hier vindt u informatie over de ingrepen die COSMETICS DESIGN aanbiedt. De plastisch chirurgen zijn erkend en de artsen zijn zeer ervaren en voeren de ingrepen wekelijks tientallen keren uit.

Tarjeta Medicamentos En Farmacia Gratis Tarjeta Medicamentos En Farmacia Gratis v0.63.13391.94547

Ahora Usted Puede adquirir Una Tarjeta GRATIS para comprar sus medicinas o medicamentos con hasta 10% - 75% o mas de DESCUENTO.

Mobile Maternity Mobile Maternity v1.0

Are you expecting? Expect the best with Mobile Maternity, the DMC baby app from DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital. Mobile Maternity is for moms-to-be who are on the go and want to be well prepared for every stage of pregnancy. From health tips to tracking tools, Mobile Maternity is here to help you and your baby have a happy and healthy experience.

Pronto Pronto v1.0.1

Pronto is an ultra simple GPS tracker for walking, running and cycling.

Free Prescription Rx Card Free Prescription Rx Card v0.63.13387.69249

Free Pharmacy Prescription Rx Card, can help you save money in all your meds. You can order a hard card copy too