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SoundBokz SoundBokz v1.1

Electro Drum Box is a simple drum machine, beat box and sound board for simple musical experiments. Each pad is loaded with slanted sounds or drums. An automatic mode automatically play sounds. Develop creative so playful drum loops.

MP3 Amplifier MP3 Amplifier v1.9.3

Amplify MP3 files on your phone quickly and easily!

So you already set the volume to maximum, bought those cool headphones, but volume on your music or ringtone is still not loud enough?

The solution might be as easy as amplifying those MP3s in question.

This simple application does just that, in 3 easy steps:

1. Start it up, select the files that are not loud enough
2. Set the amplification factor
3. Amplify!

LuDaPad LuDaPad v1.0.0

LuDaPad is a drum machine and drum pad for Android.
Create your own sound, your set and have fun playing them with LuDaPad!

DrumHead DrumHead v4.0

*** 100% FREE & NO Ads! :) ***

DrumHead, the no nonsense electronic drum pad with multiple drum kits to play, jam along or even rock with!

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Hindi Radio Time Shift Hindi Radio Time Shift v1.1

Hindi Time Shift Radio is your fun and personalized radio.It is a delight for music lovers.

You can play,stop,listen live, rewind, seek back to any available position on the go with any radio station.

Fresh Music Folder Player Fresh Music Folder Player v2.81

One of the best alternatives to the standard android music player. Play audio directly from your folders. Personalize look and feel. Edit Metadata and much much more....

Freegal Music Freegal Music v2.2

Free and legal music from your local library.

Virtual Electric Guitar Virtual Electric Guitar v1.0.6

Virtual Electric Guitar for Android. Turn your smartphone into real electric guitar

Balkan iRadio Balkan iRadio v1.3

Listen to music from Bosnia and Herzegovina,Croatia and Serbia. Balkan iRadio features over 200+ shoutcast radio channels.Simple switch to any channel you want.You need internet connection for the app to work!

NoteTrainerGuitar NoteTrainerGuitar v1.0

If you play guitar and can't read music, you need to get this app!

BegNoteTrainerBass BegNoteTrainerBass v1.87

" Simple but a Super App!" -www.apps4idevices.com

Beginner Reading Music: Bass is an app that lets you practice reading sheet music on your phone. It is very simple to use and is perfect for when you have a few moments to kill and you want to learn how to read sheet music fluently.

BegNoteTrainerTreble BegNoteTrainerTreble v1.0

Beginner Reading Music: Treble is an app that lets you practice reading sheet music on your device. It is very simple to use and is perfect for when you have a few moments to kill and you want to learn how to read sheet music fluently.

My California Radio Lite My California Radio Lite v1.0

Listen to your favorite California Radio stations on your palm globally wherever you are.

Radio App streams best California music radio stations just for you.

Save your favorite stream or write to us to add missing stream.

Cheer up with music online.

Serenade Music Visualization Serenade Music Visualization v1.1.1

Serenade is a Music Visualizer written completely from scratch with a new and different approach.
Instead of showing you some ugly lines and forms, we present you a really nice and smooth effect with beautiful colors.
With its onset detection system it can even react to the beats of the song!

Play your favorite song, start Serenade and enjoy ;)

Sounder Sounder v2.1.2

Enjoy Sounder, an HTML5 drum machine with 7 playable presets!

lastLyrics lastLyrics v1.2

Search lyrics of Now-Playing music of your last.fm account!

Shake Player App Shake Player App v1.0

Shake Player is an application under Android 2.2 platform. This application can be used to created a simple media player. But isn't a simple one, this application is using a shake button and shake your device.

Trina Trina v2.4

Throughout her four albums, countless magazine covers, and scorching guest appearances, Trina still remains "Da Baddest Chick." The Miami rap star easily oozes the same sex appeal that helped her launch her gold-selling debut ten years ago off the strength of her unforgettable cameo on Trick Daddy's "Nann."

Marble Songbook Marble Songbook v1.2

A handy songbook for all you karaoke fans, with favourites and 'to sing' lists and links to youtube to find your favourite songs on-line for practice!

Dance Ringtones Dance Ringtones v2.5

Dance Ringtones

Getting tired of the same old ringtones on your Android phone?

Enjoy a lot of new hight quality ringtones as wild one two , resurrection( caffan), where have you been (rihanna) ... much more.

- loreen (euphoria)
- gaitana
- marihuana
- Te fuiste - Jose De Rico + Henry Mendez
- Call me maybe - carly rae jepsen
- zaleilah - Mandinga

update every two weeks with the tops songs of list.

there are not the full songs, only a ringtone.