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EzNotepad EzNotepad v0.9.7

It fast, easy, and no fuss.
The note file saved to folder e.g. SD-Card.
Email your notes seamlessly.
Or you can read the note file with other editor.
You can replace text from last searched / selected text.
Autoindented new lines.

With some style applicable :
- Bold
- Italic
- Monospace
- Underline

REM Client Ver 1.03 REM Client Ver 1.03 v1.2

Real Time ECG Client for Maestros eUno R10 Telecardiology Soultion.

Islam World Quotes Islam World Quotes v1.0

Islamic Quotes application is the most great collection of Holy quotes which are said by Prophet Mohammad to all Muslim followers, this app act as Archive of Wisdom and Mystical sayings.

Greeting Card Maker Greeting Card Maker v3.0

The Only app for creating awesome greetings. Create your own greetings for Christmas and other occasions and share with your friends via Facebook.

Memo Memo v1.0.0


Easy Tasks Easy Tasks v1.0

Easy Tasks is an outliner app that will help you get organized in a very simple way and keep your tasks in front of you at all the times. Make a note on the go – Text, Voice, Audio, Video, Photo, GPS, Barcode.

AppUsagePro AppUsagePro v1.0

Pro add-on for AppUsage. Install AppUsage first, then unlock extra features with this add-on. Currently opts you out of data collection; more Pro features coming soon!

MaxSchedFree MaxSchedFree v2.14

Schedule for your educational day

CSL Scissor Lift Inspection CSL Scissor Lift Inspection v1.0

CSL Scissor lift Inspection App is designed to assists Scissor-lift operators in completing their required daily inspections. This App allow users to view their past inspections and keep accurate records for future reference. A Simple and easy to use layout helps make this daily task much less tedious. Submit function is included for saving to SD card and for easy file transfer.

Notice Period Widget Notice Period Widget v1.0.1

Notice period widget delivers exactly what it's name says. A handy homescreen widget for tracking your notice periods - let it be your phone contract, your work or any future action. Never forget, never overbook. With this handy widget you've got your essential info with you wherever you go.

Tip Tap Tip Tap v1.0

Tip Tap is an entertaining kids game, the  job is to tap on each bubble before they go off, blast by taping on them as fast you can. For each tap you will be awarded points and for each missing bubble life bar will go down. Enjoy the Game with the increasing complexity.

SapeDroid SapeDroid v1.5.5

Unofficial client of Sape.ru.

My Library My Library v1.2

This application is especially design to avoid possible library fines.

Home Inventory Light Home Inventory Light v2.03

Register all your valuables

MutuiOnline MutuiOnline v1.1

L'applicazione gratuita offerta da MutuiOnline, il leader in Italia nella distribuzione indipendente di mutui e prestiti, operante tramite il sito www.mutuionline.it, consente di effettuare le simulazioni finanziarie necessarie per calcolare la rata o l'importo del mutuo, oltre ad offrire informazioni sui valori e gli andamenti nel tempo dei tassi di interesse.

CryptoNote CryptoNote v2.02

Keep your notes safe with password protection and encryption

Amazing Grocery List Amazing Grocery List v1.0

Never forget to buy an item at the store again! Simple and ingenious.
Amazing Grocery List is the only grocery list on the market that will save you time and money. Never forget to buy an item at the grocery store again!

Smart Clock Smart Clock v1.1.6

A simple, bright, personalized digital clock, it can display carrier information, clock information, charge information, alarm information, and there are many personalization options: such as font color, font size, etc..
You can also enter into the alarm clock settings by clicking the widget, and you can always know the time of current alarm.

Easy Filer Pro Easy Filer Pro v1.0

Easy Filer is a File Manager(file explorer) that has a simple and intuitive UI, making managing your pictures, music, videos and files much easier.

Simple Counter Simple Counter v0.1.3

Simple counter.
With a two buttons (+/-) allow you simple manual counting of events.