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Destro Bubble Destro Bubble v2.0

Variation of Classic Bubble game

Lights Out:Sensor Tower Lights Out:Sensor Tower v1.1

Challenge your thinking and entertain in an engaging game!

Magic gems Magic gems v1.2

An exciting game in the genre of "Match 3 Puzzle"!

Matching Animals Matching Animals v1.2

Will you make it into TOP20 highscores in this nice casual puzzle matching game for all ages?

Bubbles Bubbles v1.4

Do you like popping bubbles??? Do this in a logical way in this game. To pop the bubbles, select two or more bubbles of the same color. Same horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.
Train your brain. Improve your logical thinking.

ZZ ZZ v1.18

Zz is the last game on every list, ho ho :-)

It is a variation of the cell clicking game ClickoMania

  • Retro clicker (3 to 6 colors)
  • Bombs, rocks, magnets or even halelujah bombs
  • Dual color blocks, magnets, flips and other surprises
  • Dozens of levels, starting from easy to insane difficulty

And it is ABSOLUTELY free.

Squatris Squatris v1.5.4-amazon

Original and addictive puzzle game with simple gameplay.


Addictive puzzle game in style cyberpunk

Colors Colors v1.0.0

Change all cube color to one color.

Rune Mania Rune Mania v1.0.8

Match and collect gems in this amazing puzzle adventure guaranteed to satisfy your feeling!

Escape Archaeologist Lab Escape Archaeologist Lab v1.0

Escape Archaeologist Lab


So Plusso! So Plusso! v1.0

Intriguing puzzle! Are you ready to check your math skills?

Candy Flash Match-3 Candy Flash Match-3 v1.0.7

Colorful Candy Flash Match 3 puzzle game you'll ever play with amazing particle effect and feature

Frenzy Frenzy v1.04

Swap the falling balls to crush them. Move quickly for bonus points. Play against friends! Super addictive and ultra fast, you won't be able to put it down.

10 x Blocks 10 x Blocks v1.0

Blocks x 10 Puzzle is a simple and challenging puzzle game. Test and improve your puzzle solving skills. Blocks x 10 Puzzle is fun, educational and addictive, great for any age both adult and children. You can challenge and compete with your friends and family.
- 3 difficulties
- No time limit
- No color matching

If you like block, cube or 1010 puzzles, simple mind and brain training casual games this is a must have.

monoblock monoblock v1.0

Make all block in black or white with a minimum of touch

Puzzle3D Puzzle3D v1.1

Cartoon Puzzle 3D - let your kid develop 3D manipulation skills!

Bubble backtris Bubble backtris v1.0

"Pop BackTris HD" easy and fun play game in the style "match-3"

Jelly Crush Blitz Jelly Crush Blitz v1

Jelly Crush Blitz is color matching at its finest. Tap as many of the featured jelly as possible for as long as you can!

Go Viral! Go Viral! v1.0.3

It's time to Go Viral!