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1234! 1234! v1.0.10

- It's happy to make rectangle!

On the island:match 3 On the island:match 3 v1.0.2

Embark on a magical island to seek adventure game genre - match 3!

Gravity Box Gravity Box v1.0.7

When you play gravity box you can change direction of gravity at any time.
Do you want walk on the wall or jump chasm? No problem. Just switch direction of gravity.

Speedy Swipe Speedy Swipe v1.4

Test your reflexes with this addictive game! Drag your finger in the direction of the arrows without commit mistakes and share your results in the online leaderboard! Enter in the top 100 of the world!!!

Block Master Block Master v1.0

Block Master is a challenging puzzle game with a simple game play.

Bee in the Rose Garden Bee in the Rose Garden v1.3

Use your memory and finger skills to help the worker bee to save flowers.

Awesome Cat Puzzle Awesome Cat Puzzle v1.1

Awesome cat runs away from a dog. Be a hero and help the cat!

Remind Game Remind Game v1.0.1

Exercise Your Brain with Remind Game!


ODMO is an easy to learn but challenging and tricky 3D puzzle game.

Math Search Math Search v1.00.08

The best way to memorize your addition and multiplication tables.

LucasTower LucasTower v1.1

Lucas Tower or The Tower of Hanoi, also called the Tower of Brahma is a mathematical game or puzzle.

Game features:
★ Easy control
★ Choose your difficulties by choosing number of disk
★ Collect more stars for each levels and show your achievement to your friends
★ You can stop playing and continue later from continue/ resume game feature
★ Best way to keep your brain fresh

Pin Mania Pin Mania v1.32

Pin Mania is an addictive pin shooting game where speed, timing and strategy matters. Launch all pins towards multiple rotating geometrical targets, avoiding pin collisions as you loose lives. Game includes 80 levels from easy to insane difficulty.

Square Square v1.0.2

Squares Game is an original game which will challenge your brain to find the solution on connecting the squares with the corresponding colored circle.

Three Coins Three Coins v1.1.0.2

The goal of the game is to collect three 2 euro coins from small change

Motion Motion v1.0.0

Tilt your phone to play. Be careful with red!

Block Poper Block Poper v1.1

Select groups of two or more blocks to remove blocks before they fill the entire screen.

Bricks Bricks v2.0

The game Bricks random figures fall from the top in a rectangular glass. In flight, the player can rotate the figure and move it horizontally. You can also "accelerate" figure, that is to accelerate its fall, when it has been decided where the figure should fall. Figure flies until stumble on another figure or a bottom of the cup. If the filled horizontal row of 10 cells, it disappears and all that is above it falls on one cell.
The game is available in three levels of difficulty.

Match 3: Clash of Elements Match 3: Clash of Elements v1.0.0

Match 3: Clash of Elements is a fun and addicting match 3 puzzle game.

Color Cube Maze Color Cube Maze v1.0.5

Pass maze by Cube. Use different kinds of platforms to achieve the target.

Symmetry Symmetry v1.5

Symmetry. A beautifully symmetric game.