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Numberize Numberize v1.0.2

Put your memory to the test!

Mimic: The Game Mimic: The Game v1.0.6

Test your memory and try not to be addicted!

Space Truck Orbit Space Truck Orbit v1.05

Try your skills as a Space Truck driver!

Classic Color Lines Classic Color Lines v2.3.20

Classic Color Lines is one of the most interesting classic games.

JAGG JAGG v1.1.0

JAGG - Just Another Gems Game is just another simple but exciting match-3 puzzle gems game.

BlockedUp! BlockedUp! v3

Simple puzzle game that will keep you occupied for hours!

Space Truck Orbit Space Truck Orbit v1.22

Try your skills as a Space Truck driver!

Hatch a Dragon Hatch a Dragon v1.1.0

Hatch a Dragon is a very addictive match-3 game!

Drag a row up and down or a column left and right to match 3 or more same dragon's eggs to clear them!

Rainbow Rotors Rainbow Rotors v1.00

Make each row a single colour of the rainbow with red at the top and violet at the bottom by rotating blocks.

Connect Squares Connect Squares v1.2

Puzzle connect squares.

EmojiJam EmojiJam v1.0

Match 3 game with emoji characters.

Black Hole Black Hole v1.0

Black Hole is a simple, his fun and unique game, just need foresight.

Skull Crusher Skull Crusher v1.0.2

Skull Crusher is a game of reaction where you must crush the skulls displayed and you must do it before the time runs out.

Divide A Pizza Divide A Pizza v1.1.0

Divide A Pizza is a unique puzzle game in which you have to slice a pizza into parts.

While it is quite easy to just part the pizza it gets much harder, when you have to make sure that all parts are the same size.

Corridor Escape Puzzle Corridor Escape Puzzle v1.1.0

Corridor Escape Puzzle is a simple but very funny puzzle game.

EqualizeIT! EqualizeIT! v1.02

Simple puzzle game perfect for a short break or time spent in bus or train.

4-5-6 Digits Math 4-5-6 Digits Math v1.1

Build logical mathematical equations using the numbers provided.

Robot Island Robot Island v1.0.5

Train your forward planning skills with this unique puzzle game.

Light On Light On v1.0.5

Brighten up the place using lamps, reflectors, skylights and power lamps.

Feed that Thing Feed that Thing v1.0.5

Make a path of apples for that thing to follow to the end of every level.