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Placebo Placebo v1.16

Placebo is challenging triplets-creation puzzle, played only with finger swipes.

  • Your goal is to move all upper cells to the game board.
  • If a triplet is formed it gets cleared, along with all adjacent cells.
  • Use finger swipes (left/right/down) to shift and drop the cells.

Clearing the entire board wins you a 5 star rating.

The game uses simple retro graphics and will not drain your battery away.

Placebo is and always will be FREE.

Baboo! Baboo! v1.0

Help the cute Baboos complete rainbow lines in this colorful, fun puzzle game

Traffic Loop Traffic Loop v1.0

Close the loop and remove dead ends in this relaxing puzzle game.

Drawler Drawler v1.1

Simple puzle game

Dragons Biggest Journey Dragons Biggest Journey v1.6

Fast engaging action logic game! Are you ready?

NewTangramBv NewTangramBv v1.1.0

"NewTangram" is a puzzle of geometric figures.

Colorem Colorem v1.93

Logic game for all ages - use given amounts of each color to paint the mosaic!

CubiumDreamsFree CubiumDreamsFree v1.05

CubiumDreams FREE Puzzle Horror - is an atmospheric first-person puzzle game with horror elements, made in a minimalistic surreal style.

Blemish Blemish vAnimations

A colorful puzzle to pass your time!

Chaotica Rune Puzzle Chaotica Rune Puzzle v1.4

A logic game which improves your skills and brightens your time!

Tess Connect Tess Connect v1.1

Connect the color dots and fill the shapes with this mind-stretching game

Magic Blender Magic Blender v2.1.24

A magical match - 3 game.
Mix potions and feel its power!

Maze Forever Maze Forever v1.1.1

Do you like Labyrinth Puzzles? You’ll LOVE Maze Forever’s Unlimited Labyrinths!

MathEquation Quiz MathEquation Quiz v1.0.2

Let sharpen your mind by challenging the mathermatic equation quiz.

The Matrix of Colors The Matrix of Colors v2.2

The Matrix of colors want you to match colors patterns and solve 400+ puzzles.

Place Bricks Place Bricks v1.0

Place Bricks is a board puzzle addictive game with unlimited number of puzzles with all different levels easy, medium and hard.

Bombed Bombed v1.0

Put your reflexes to the test in this explosive high speed puzzle game!

Frog Burst Frog Burst v1.0.0

Remove all the frogs!

InterLife InterLife v1.10

puzzle game where the player has to turn the tiles correctly in order to satisfy the win conditions.

View Point View Point v1.0

An unique 3D puzzle challenging your spatial thinking.