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4sides 4sides v1.2.4-s

New puzzle with a simple and original gameplay.

Crossword Investigators Crossword Investigators v1.6

Your task is to solve the crossword puzzle! (This is not just a usual crossword game!)

米開朗基羅滾方塊 米開朗基羅滾方塊 v1.01

米開朗基羅滾方塊─簡單有趣的益智解迷遊戲,只要滑動螢幕,將【U】字型的方塊,滾到指定位置就可以過關,全部564大關,2820 小關,等您挑戰

達文西滾箱子 達文西滾箱子 v1.06


Circle Smiles Circle Smiles v2.3

Circle Smiles - fun physics puzzler

Bit9 Bit9 v1.1

Tap the screen if the ball is above the arrow to change movement direction.

Stone Wars Stone Wars v1.0

Stone Wars is a very addictive game with amazing physics and lots of fun!

Catch Me Catch Me v1.0

Catch me if you can, Play that level again.

Square Square v100

Enjoy with Square! A new game with a good design and an addictive gameplay.
Square is not only a game, is a brain training. It is not a complex android game, this game is a simple and addictive game that relax your mind.

There are 4 rectangles (transporting portals) in each corner the player must get out of the enemies that are moving on the screen. Tap on the squares of the screen and the player transport on it. Game ends if an enemy hits the player.

Powerline Powerline v1.4

Simple and addictive puzzle. You must connect every house to power station

Skylands Skylands v1.0.0

Skylands is a classic game with a great retro feel. Move the dots through the path, by timing your taps correctly.

Aliens eat cats Aliens eat cats v1.05

Slide puzzle game with interesting twist and outstandingly interesting gameplay!

KNAP! KNAP! v0.8.89

KNAP! is puzzle game based on physics fun with a lot of varied mechanics.Every level is suprising riddle where You have to test Your inteligence and dextirity to solve it!

Labyrinth Puzzle Lite 2 Labyrinth Puzzle Lite 2 v1.3

Test your mind with this free maze puzzle game! Labyrinth puzzle : Maze is an superb labyrinth puzzle game for kids and adults. Everyone can enjoy it! All you need are accelerometer in your device.
Use you motion sensor to control the ball. Just tilt your phone or tablet!
All levels and puzzles are generated randomly and you will have new game every time you will play Labyrinth puzzle : Maze.
Game has simple levels for children and complicated levels for adults.

Diamond Swipe 2 Diamond Swipe 2 v1.0.0

Embark on a journey of ancient discoveries. Find the truth about your origins.
Discover what happened to your ancestors by solving puzzles in
countless pyramids.

Cloud PREMIUM Cloud PREMIUM v1.5.1

Awesome adventure game with beautiful colored levels full of adventures

Pick some fruit Pick some fruit v1.0

match 3 game

memory boxes memory boxes v1.01

memorize corect boxes increase highscore boost brainpower

Balloon Stalls Balloon Stalls v1.01

Remember the number of each kind balloon, and then answer the question.

Frenzy Color Battle Premium Frenzy Color Battle Premium v1

Time to test your eyes and dexterity in this simple but addictive skill game that is super easy to learn but definitely hard to master!