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Shining Mosaic Live Wallpaper Shining Mosaic Live Wallpaper v1.0

Flashing Mosaic of grid, you can by changing the various options, to produce countless display effect.

Feng Shui Yinyang BW Feng Shui Yinyang BW v4.1.2

Feng Shui Yin-yang Animated Live Wallpaper. The Chinese philosophy concept of yin yang.

Snowfall Winter Road Snowfall Winter Road v4.0.0

Snowfall Winter Road Live Wallpaper.

3D Animated Toad 3D Animated Toad v4.0.0

Toad is looking for some flies to eat Live Wallpaper.

Recent Cinema Releases Free Recent Cinema Releases Free v1.0.1

Live wallpaper as a collage of posters from the current top cinema releases.

Animated Flying Santa Animated Flying Santa v4.0.0

Animated Flying Santa Christmas Live Wallpaper.

Armageddon Live Wallpaper Free Armageddon Live Wallpaper Free v1.0.2

Spectacular eruption show from the sun in real time.

Hypnotic Hands Hypnotic Hands v4.0.0

Animated Hypnotic Hands Live Wallpaper.

Christmas Tree Christmas Tree v4.0.0

Animated Christmas tree with Christmas lights Live Wallpaper, Happy New Year.

3D Football Ball 3D Football Ball v400

3D Animated Football Ball Live Wallpaper.

Nexus Live Wallpapers Nexus Live Wallpapers v1.6

A twist on the Nexus One boot animation as a live wallpaper. I've included the stock animation as well as slick chrome, Android-green, and off-color versions.

It gets more interesting when you tap the screen; the animation begins to twitch erratically!!
To install, long press on the home screen, choose Wallpaper > Live Wallpaper

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Live Earth Wallpaper Free Live Earth Wallpaper Free v1.0.3

Real time earth from satellite as live wallpaper.

Camomile with Hearts Camomile with Hearts v4.0.0

Camomile with flying hearts Live Wallpaper.

Plants Animated Plants Animated v4.0.0

Plants waving on your screen Live Wallpaper.

Animated Walking Dog Animated Walking Dog v4.0.0

3D Black Cartoon dog walking on your screen Live Wallpaper.

Animated Walking Girl Animated Walking Girl v4.0.0

3D girl walking on your screen Live Wallpaper.

Mantra Wheel Live Wallpaper Mantra Wheel Live Wallpaper v1.0

A rotating mantra wheel.

Windmills at Sunset Windmills at Sunset v4.0.0

Show your support for renewable energy with the Windmills at Sunset live wallpaper. This serene scene shows a pair of windmills quietly whirring away as the sun sets. Please note that you must launch this application from the Live Wallpapers menu.

3D Animated Bee Flying 3D Animated Bee Flying v4.0.0

Animated Bee Flying on your screen Live Wallpaper.

3D Animated Snowflakes 3D Animated Snowflakes v4.0.0

3D Animated Snowflakes Live Wallpaper.