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Offline Maps Offline Maps v1.0.0.19

Detailed & free offline maps application with search capabilities
- downloading map for arbitrary area
- searching objects using object name or object type
- address search (by street name & house number)
- search by coordinates
- showing touristic places
- showing pubs in the selected area :)
- tracking location via GPS/WIFI/cellular
- share POI coordinates with friends via SMS
- based on openstreemap & osmdroid

Hotel Review 2 Hotel Review 2 v1.15

Hotel review
More than 30000 hotels. En, Ru, De, It, and more lang is support
More than 100 Countries of the world
Check the review for multiple destinations, make your choice and have a good relax!

GPS Finder GPS Finder v1.0.2

!!! Never again lose your car or anything with "GPS Finder - Car Locator" !!!

Save your location when you park and do not worry because "GPS Finder - Car Locator" will help to find your car !!!

You can find quickly direction, distance and angle information to selected marker.

American Airlines American Airlines v2.0

American Airlines

RightHere Gps RightHere Gps v2.07

Record GPS locations for future use. You can also send the locations to others.

Next London Tube Tracker Next London Tube Tracker v1.7

Live Tube Tracker for London Underground. Catch the next london tube!

Live London Tube Tracker. Real-time train departure board for London Underground stations.

Geo-iT Geo-iT v1.1

Geo-iT uses your device's internal GPS (or WIFI) and directional sensor to provide you information on your direction, altitude above sea level, speed, and global position in terms of latitude and longitude. Geo-iT offers a variety of displays and plots your position in real time on a Google Map. Great for hikers, bikers or even for use in the car.

Alert Me ! Alert Me ! v1.1

A geo-trigger based application for droid devices which simplifies various manual functions performed by the user and trigger these services when at a particular location. When triggered, it activates the selected action and alerts the user about it if asked.

Guitur Guitur v1.0.5

Guitur Uruguay is a guidebook that is part of the services offered to tourists by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and to various actors involved in tourism and services in Uruguay.

Luggage Checklist Luggage Checklist v3.6

Luggage Checklist is the world’s simplest travel packing app! This app contains all essential functions for travelers looking to keep track of their itinerary.
This app will allow you to quickly create trips, and store items into suitcases. You can mark items as packed or unpacked.
This app is perfect for individuals and families who like to re-use/modify their checklists. Upon returning from vacation, users are able to reference the checklist to ensure all items are packed.

GasPal GasPal v0.1.9

get near gas price

Autobeesy Feen Autobeesy Feen v1.0

" Autobeesy feen " helps you to know when and where your tracked bus last seen... It also connect you with people riding your demanded bus via comments

Satellite Check Satellite Check v1.0

Get all the information transmitted by available GPS satellites. - tourist tool - tourist tool v12

The neRme app database contains thousands of places of turist and cultural interest.

Satellite Check Donation Satellite Check Donation v1.02

Satellite Check Donation removes advertising from the free application, Satellite Check.

memoloo memoloo v1.0

Memoloo allows you to save the incredible places that you discover. Just choose between taking a photo or a video, comment, share and go.
.. Show them to the world!

Water Forecast Water Forecast v1.1

Planning a vacation on a beach? Check the water temperature forecast for multiple destinations, make your choice and have a warm bathing!

Holo Compass Holo Compass v1.2

Holo Compass - compass with Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean theme!

Penang iMap Penang iMap v2.0

Penang iMap is an application designed for Android system that allows the users to know more about Penang Island, Malaysia which is the top tourism destination. The application is still on the beta stage as it is still new on the market.

Parking Remember Parking Remember v1.0

An easy way to find your car. How many times you have to look for some time… Some night you have to take a taxi to go home. Never Again! With Parking Remember is so easy, just 1 Click and your Car Position (or any other place!) will be saved forever, using the GPS of your device.