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Camomile with Hearts Camomile with Hearts v4.0.0

Camomile with flying hearts Live Wallpaper.

Plants Animated Plants Animated v4.0.0

Plants waving on your screen Live Wallpaper.

Animated Walking Dog Animated Walking Dog v4.0.0

3D Black Cartoon dog walking on your screen Live Wallpaper.

Animated Walking Girl Animated Walking Girl v4.0.0

3D girl walking on your screen Live Wallpaper.

Mantra Wheel Live Wallpaper Mantra Wheel Live Wallpaper v1.0

A rotating mantra wheel.

Windmills at Sunset Windmills at Sunset v4.0.0

Show your support for renewable energy with the Windmills at Sunset live wallpaper. This serene scene shows a pair of windmills quietly whirring away as the sun sets. Please note that you must launch this application from the Live Wallpapers menu.

3D Animated Snowflakes 3D Animated Snowflakes v4.0.0

3D Animated Snowflakes Live Wallpaper.

Feng Shui Yinyang HD Feng Shui Yinyang HD v4.0.0

Feng Shui Yinyang HD brings the ancient symbol of balance, the yin yang, to your Android device. The yin yang revolves around, bringing tranquility to your smartphone. Please note that this application must be launched from the Live Wallpapers menu.

Animated Starry Sky Animated Starry Sky v4.0.0

Animated Starry Sky Live Wallpaper.

A Giant Squid Live Wallpaper A Giant Squid Live Wallpaper v1.0

A giant squid alive inside your phone. The squid moves beautifully and changes colors. The smooth movement of the squid is created using physics simulation.

Hearts Love Wallpaper Hearts Love Wallpaper v1.1

spread the message of peace , love , harmony and much more from right on your wallpaper floating with beautiful colors all around in a mirror like feeling with fireworks in the background. The mirror moves the floating messages all around with ripples.

Star Fish Wallpaper Star Fish Wallpaper v1.1

Let,s satarfish float on your desktop. That is a live wallpaper which give a real look in water. When ever you will touch the water. You will get waves and let,s touch more and more to get more waves in water.
Enjoy the very good wallpapers

Inside Sea Wallpaper Inside Sea Wallpaper v1.1

Here are more The Sea Inside desktop wallpapers you might enjoy.
Beautiful animations of sea inside, it will cause rippling on your desktop as you touch your Android devic's desktop.
Available resolution size for the The Sea Inside wallpaper is 1024*600 pixels.
Enjoy The good WORK!

Sunflower Wallpaper Sunflower Wallpaper v1.1

Its a ideal wallpaper for all who love Natural beauty,blooming of sunflowers and a deep live fresh view of grassy hills. A really sunny view to feel coozy in this snow season of 2011. Really soothing to eyes and heart and you just feel lost in the beauty of nature.
It is fully tested on Samsung Galaxy tab. and on other devices

Hearts Love Wallpaper Hearts Love Wallpaper v1.1

*Share hearts to your valentine*
*Love your loved ones by placing it as your live wallpaper on your android device*
Enjoy feeling of love under live water. Love Hearts are moving in directions in a beautiful jewels background to give a passionate feeling to enjoy in New Year 2011.
It is fully test on Samsung Galaxy Tab.and also on other devices.

Aqua Deep Wallpaper Aqua Deep Wallpaper v1.1

Really surprise,Can see inside the Sea.That is a natural view of sea.

Abstract Sphere Live Wallpaper Abstract Sphere Live Wallpaper v1.0

A great live wallpaper of moving sphere. Adjust frames per second to your liking. Checkout my other live wallpapers on this site and in the Android Market.

*see screenshots*

Issues, Questions, or Poor Ratings Please send me an e-mail.

Twinkle Star Live Wallpaper Twinkle Star Live Wallpaper v1.0.3

TwinkleStar LiveWallpaper
A beautiful live wallpaper showing twinkle stars with random colors.

Twinkle Star Live Wallpaper Free Twinkle Star Live Wallpaper Free v1.0.3

TwinkleStar LiveWallpaper Free
A beautiful live wallpaper showing twinkle stars with random colors.

FGG Snowman Wallpaper Lite FGG Snowman Wallpaper Lite v1.0

Here's the snowman and there're lights on a beautiful winter night.
Now.... shake your phone !
Do you know this tune ?
Can you play it ?

Be sure to check full version where
You can choose:
- two more songs (Jingle Bells!)
- enable/disable song
- set sensitivity
- enable/disable snow