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Marble Solitaire Lite Marble Solitaire Lite v1.0.3

Classic peg strategy game

Beat the monkey! Beat the monkey! v2.0

Fun memory game for improving short term memory. Chimp Ayumo can memorize 10 numbers in 210 ms. Do you think you can beat the chimp?

SWAT Free SWAT Free v1.0.1

Take the President through real White House rooms and advise him on his best fly swatting strategy. Avoid the butterflies and be sure to kill the spiders when you see any. If you allow too many flies in, the White House will become infested!

Memory Memory v1.1.1

Memory game with polished user interface for kids and adults.

  1. Global leaderboards.
  2. Two type of memory games: pair finding and time rush.
  3. Design your own game: play with animals, letters or ampersands!
  4. You can install it to external storge (from 2.2)

Christmas Memory Game Christmas Memory Game v1.0.2

Memory game for Christmas with polished user interface for kids and adults.

  • Global leaderboards.
  • Two type of memory games: pair finding and time rush.
  • Three different card sets.
  • You can install it to external storge (from 2.2)

Joke A Day Joke A Day v1.1.0

New jokes everyday from best sources.

Updated everyday! Fresh, fast and fun!

Includes Laugh sound board!

- Share with your friends
- Comes with LOL Sound FX! If you do not have anyone to share your jokes with at least you do not have to laugh alone!
- Reading mode for easily reading your jokes.

Updated daily!

Lights Out Lights Out v1.1

LightsOut is based on the classic puzzle game of the same name. Face a random grid of on and off lights. Touching a light will toggle that light and the lights around it. Can you turn them all off?

There are 3 difficult levels so can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. Can you beat the game on Hard?
There are 3 levels of difficulty so everyone from novice to expert can enjoy!

What's New in Version 1.1
- Added ability to disable sound
- Added Exit button on the main screen

Zenses Zenses v1.1

Escape the stress of your daily life!

Zenses Rainforest  lets you escape from the stress of daily life while challenging the mind, body and spirit through relaxing puzzle games, soothing ambient sounds and authentic rainforest  visuals. We call this active relaxation!

Get the free version now!

6Birds 6Birds v1.0.5

Hit these 6 birds as fast as possible to beat your best highscore.
Now with a scoreboard! yeaa.

Fun Crosswords Fun Crosswords v0.5

Crosswords game with capabilities to download new puzzles.

MMUpdatePack1 MMUpdatePack1 v1.0

This is a free update pack for the game Memory Maze.

Adds ten new phrases to Memory Maze.

You must have Memory Maze installed before running this app.

Memory Maze Memory Maze v1.0

A frustratingly addictive word puzzle game.

Simple game play based on a 7 x 7 grid where you move horizontally or vertically in steps of three or five tiles. Select the tiles in the right order to uncover the hidden phrase or quotation.

Sounds simple but its not as easy as it first seems!

Also has great sound effect options.

Hadouken Lite (cupcake) Hadouken Lite (cupcake) v1.2.0 +many improvements +bugfixes

★Choose between Soundboard or Action modes
★Lots of bugfixes

Be a real street fighter with this app. It uses the accelerometer to enable you to cast hadoukens, punches and shoryukens!

Ad supported app, full version is ad-free

Clean It Clean It v1.2

Simple but very addictive game!
You should shoot blocks, comprising entire rows, which disappear.
Game ends when the blocks reach the bottom of the screen.Color of blocks do not matter!
There are two game modes:Simple and Challenge

Netwalk Netwalk v2.0

Netwalk is a single player logic game.Construct the network, connecting all the terminals to the server in the fewest turns possible.

Squirrel Earl Free Squirrel Earl Free v1.2.0

Entertain your kids by helping Squirrel Earl eat as many acorns as possible while avoiding falling hazards.

Favorite Stress Release Favorite Stress Release v2.1.0

Pass some time by taking out your stress on an android.

Favorite Quotes Favorite Quotes v1.7.0

Favorite Quotes has thousands of quotes grouped by category and author.

AndroBomb Lite AndroBomb Lite v1.01

AndroBomb is an intuitive & addictive game in which you must sort Androids by drag'n'dropping them on the same colored zone.

Traffic Control!? Lite Traffic Control!? Lite v1.3

Guide all cars that leave a garage to safety and complete all objectives (in Challenge mode) or get a highscore on the online leaderboard (in Arcade mode)!

FULL game features:
- 9 Arcade levels with online leaderboards
- 100+ Challenge levels to test your skills