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YouTube Search YouTube Search v1.1

Quick search in YouTube

Google Services Google Services v2.1.2

Access Google services quickly.

Bluetooth File Transfer Bluetooth File Transfer v4.80

Use your smartphone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device, using File Transfer Profile (FTP) and Object Push Profile (OPP): you can also receive files and send contacts!

Wi-Fi Ruler - Free Wi-Fi Ruler - Free v1.7.10

Rule your Wi-Fi connections.

Android Online Android Online v1.0.1

Converse, discuta e saiba tudo sobre o Android.

Wifi Test Auditor Wifi Test Auditor v3.2.6

Test your wifi protection.This application will help you to test your wireless security.It does not crack the network, or use the MAC/SSID address to deduce the default password.

One Browser One Browser v3.5.1

Get the Fastest mobile browser for the Smartest web experience ever!
Over 20 million people use ONE Browser around the world. Download Free ONE Browser to Discover the FASTEST and most SMARTEST Browsing Experience on your mobile!

TexTango TexTango v1.6.33

WE PAY YOU TO TEXT... The concept is simple, one-of-a-kind and literally rewards you for something that is all too commonly done for free. Without any commitments, expense, or effort on your part, our downloadable application REWARDS members with CASH MONEY for texting. Learn more at There you will find the answers to many of the questions you may have on the Why TexTango, how we pay you, What's the catch, and the FAQ.

tetherBlu Free tetherBlu Free v1.4

Free Edition
This app only works with phones that have root/super user access (e.g. the Development Phone). This app tethers your cell phone's Wifi internet connection to your PC. The connection between your phone and PC is a bluetooth PAN connection. Please visit before installing!
This is the Free version which will only work if you have a wifi internet connection on your phone. If you want to tether the cell internet connection try the Premium version.

SuperCam SuperCam v1.0

SuperCam is a professional mobile phone client software for digital video recorders and IP cameras in CCTV surveillance (compatible models only).
The software is for professional usage and copyright protected.

Phone Tracker Phone Tracker v2.0c

Phone Tracker

MultiLing keyboard MultiLing keyboard v0.56.1

Multi-purpose, All-in-one and yet light-weight IME
★★ No INTERNET permission = No data/password can be sent out

MyPDF MyPDF v1.1

The best way to save WebPages.

GSEARCH! Google Advance Search GSEARCH! Google Advance Search v2.3.9

Contribution: Ads notification twice a day (with no harm)
- Widget to detect Internet Connection
- Search Web, Map, Image, Software and Multimedia
- Search all words, one or more word, exact word
- Search by time - past 24 hours, past week, past month, past year
- Search within Domain
- Search Bookmark and Browser History

Maxthon Browser Maxthon Browser v2.4.6

Make no mistake, with over 550 million downloads of its PC web browser Maxthon knows how to make your web sizzle.

Catch the world-wide wave of web surfers using the world's smartest browser on Android! Like its powerful desktop suite of products, Maxthon Android comes packed with cool, free features like favorites syncing, RSS reader widget, Super Gesture, Quick Access, Super Fast Browsing and many more

ZT-180 Adhoc Switcher ZT-180 Adhoc Switcher v1.4c

Easily apply/restore the 'TxPower' mod and switch to ad-hoc mode for tethering.

FlirtMaps FlirtMaps v2.1.2

Welcome to FlirtMaps, the first geo-aware mobile dating apps that lets you find your next date!

MobeeVoice MobeeVoice v1.0.28

MobeeVoice allows you to use your landline at home just like you would your mobile number. With the MobeeVoice service, your home line AND your mobile phone will now share the same number.

To create an trial account from your smart device visit:

This is a REAL account and does not expire. The account has a $1.00 Credit.

Screen Cut Screen Cut v1.1

Capture the entire webpage as screenshots

Website Navigator Pro Website Navigator Pro v1.02.01

just one click help people easy access internet,no remember,no type,let you fly