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Solar Explorer Lite Solar Explorer Lite v2.5.3

Solar System Explorer will take you on an interactive 3D trip through our solar system. Featuring more than 35 planets, moons, asteroids and space probes that have visited them, you'll have a chance to see a different side of our little piece of the galaxy!

宝宝医院 宝宝医院 v8.4

Learn common medical knowledge and overcome the fear of going to the hospital by taking a part in it!

Wattpad Wattpad v3.5.0

Join millions who love Wattpad - the world’s unlimited, ever growing library of FREE books and stories.
• Pick from over 10 million FREE books & stories: the best of sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, romance, fan fiction, thrillers, and so much more!

FreePlay Math Skills Quiz FreePlay Math Skills Quiz v1.0.0

Whether you are learning math, want to brush up your knowledge, help your kids or just enjoy math quizzes, this fun application is right for you.

Kids Learning Games 2 Kids Learning Games 2 v1.9

Kids Learning Games is a collection of three different educational games.

Learning by playing, enhance personal learning and development, that no book can provide.Knowledge can be increased and improved, by means of some very simple methods such as playing games.

Your kids will learn to recognize the letters and numbers, with motivational sounds.

Another activity show how to draw letters and numbers.

BabyTouch BabyTouch v2.1

Train first motor and visual skills of your baby with BabyTouch.
BabyTouch is simple App and suitable for babies from about a year.
Lullaby player included.

My Baby Chef My Baby Chef v8.4

Develop your children's creative thinking with culinary art!

Antonyms Antonyms v8.4

Help your baby learn common antonyms in a fun and easy way!

Insects Insects v8.4

Educational objectives: to help your baby recognize the common insects and know their growing processes and living environments by adopting them and building the insect's paradise.

My Piano Assistant My Piano Assistant v1.8.25b

The piano chord and scale reference.

Magical Color Mixing Studio Magical Color Mixing Studio v4.31

Let your children enjoy the fun of mixing colors with magical paint and potions!

ABC Alphabet for Kids ABC Alphabet for Kids v3.45

Fun way for kids to learn alphabet with sound and voice.

Alphabet are spoken in English
The Letters are go up to A-Z.

Bubbles Bubbles v8.4

Come to help the cute undersea creatures to find the right place to stay.

Animals Animals v4.31

Learn about animals from around the world!

Little Gourmet Little Gourmet v8.4

My Little Gourmet by BabyBus provides a personal paradise for children, where they can work in the burger shop, dessert shop or the barbecue restaurant, and they can easily make all kinds of delicious food. Let's have the paradise of My Little Gourmet provided by BabyBus.

Kitchen's Percussion Kitchen's Percussion v4.31

Encourage your children to develop their creative music!

World Flags World Flags v1.4.9

Learn flags of world countries with this fun and educational game.

20 random flags are displayed and, one by one you must guess which flag belongs to which country.

Flags of all shapes and sizes, even with birds on them(not angry ones).

Suitable for all ages.

Around the Clock Around the Clock v8.4

To help children understand the concept of time in connection to their routines and play!

Get Organized Get Organized v8.4

To encourage good character and proper conducts.

ABCs ABCs v1.0.4

The best way to learn alphabet letters for your kids.