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ParaDices: Six Cubes ParaDices: Six Cubes v1.1

ParaDices "Six Cubes"- arcade logic puzzle game with a falling out on the board 6 cubes, that a player must be destroyed in exchange for game points.

Whoops!! Whoops!! v1.1

Whoops!! This isn't your average board game!

Gameplay is similar to that of other cross and circle games, such as Parcheesi, Ludo, or Sorry.

Snakes and Ladders Snakes and Ladders v1.0.0

Snakes and ladders is one of the most played board game in the world.

Russian sticks Russian sticks v1.1

Logical game, known for TV show "fort boyard". Is a more sophisticated version of the original game. Rules: The game involves 2 players. One by one, each player can move from 1 to 3 sticks. To move only the neighboring sticks. The winner is the one who left the last stick to the opponent.

SmartJumper SmartJumper v1.0

The logical game SmartJumper is designed for children to play together with parents.

Emoji Battle Emoji Battle v2.10.3

Look Out! Emojis are invading your mobile and tablet!

FireBall FireBall v1.0

Treasure hunting. You have to throw the fire balls and collect the treasure

Minesweeper Master Minesweeper Master v1.1.2

Minesweeper Master is classical windows game

Tilt Ball Maze Tilt Ball Maze v1.0.1

A 3D labyrinth game where you have to navigate a marble ball trough a maze

Wolves And Goat Wolves And Goat v1.7.2

This is a board logical game for two players

3D Cube Labyrinth 3D Cube Labyrinth v1.0

The maze in the form of a cube with multiple levels.

Mill Mill v1.2

Mill is a strategy board game also known as Nine Men's Morris.

Escalero Escalero v1.5

Escalero is a dice game inspired from the card game poker.

Mayan Pyramid Mahjong Mayan Pyramid Mahjong v1.0.2

Relax and enjoy this ancient game.

Fleet Attack Fleet Attack v1.3

Place your ships on the board and begin the battle.

Kikugi 2017 Kikugi 2017 v1.0.8

Each disk must jump over the disappearance of as many as there are points on it.

Glass Balls Glass Balls v4.3

You need to place the balls in the color zones.
But remember, time is running out.
New balls are added on the field faster.

GEM GEM v1.057

Simple and Tactical card game

Azedeem End of Era Azedeem End of Era v2.02

Azedeem: End of Era is a fantasy trading card game.

Alcatraz Chess Alcatraz Chess v2.2.4

Play against a highly skilled chess opponent!