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Stick Runner Stick Runner v1.0

Run, run as fast as you can and jump or slide to avoid the obstacles.

How far will you come?!

The content of this game is not huge, it's more a test like a real game, but nevertheless I want to release it, so please be kind if you want to rate it.
If there are some problems, please send me a message so I can see where the problem is to fix it, thanks in advance :)

Darksky Darksky v1.0.4

Design solution in the field of time-killers!

Jump Mia Jump! (Lite) Jump Mia Jump! (Lite) v1.0.1

Mia is a girl who does not like a lot of sports ...

Help her jump various obstacles as they come up while she runs faster and faster, and do it to get farther and farther away. She may have to collect water drops in her way, so she can recover faster... you'll see what we mean...

Jump Mia, Jump! (Lite) is a very fast paced side scroller game (inspired in several runner like games on the android platform) that will test your reflexes and your attention to the limits...

TacoRun TacoRun v2.01

TacoRun is a cool platformer developed as a school project.
You are a mexican-taco-driver who has to flee from his homecountry.

Easter Bunny Drop Egg Hunt Easter Bunny Drop Egg Hunt v1.0.2

A simple but challenging Easter based game. Drop down the platforms by tilting your device, and collect the Easter eggs along the way. Avoid the bad bunny.

Easter Bunny: The Egg Hunt Easter Bunny: The Egg Hunt v1.0

Help easter bunny on this jump&run to collect all lost eggs.

The bunny is jumping alone, your task is to move it to left or right. Tap on the right half of the screen to move the bunny to the right side, tap on the left to move it to the left side. The difficulty is, that the screen moves on its own, and from time to time its moving faster and faster.

Collect as much eggs as you can and beat your own score!

Have fun and happy easter everybody! :)

JustInTime JustInTime v1.0

Every level has two chapters.
Dimension changing and moving obstacles.
Different and vibrant colors well selected for each and every level.
Simple commands are controlled only by touching screen.
Gradually accelerating and challenging game style.

Cows can't fly Free Cows can't fly Free v1.1

Never stop dreaming!

Cows can't fly is a classic endless platformer game for Android!

Feed the Twins Feed the Twins v1.0.55


Rapid Car Rush Rapid Car Rush v1.02

Guide the kid in his red car across 25 levels in this fast paced 2d platformer having Various types of platforms and portals with enemies including owls, bats,snails, zombies,spikes and lasers.

Update : Fixed error for api below 2.2(Froyo)

Penguin Jump Saga Penguin Jump Saga vf2.2

Help the Penguin Jump to save his family in this Arctic adventure

HB Spring HB Spring v1.0.2

Home Bear is lost and it's up to you to get him back home!

Ninja Bounce Ninja Bounce v3.0

Bored of Run, Jump and Rush? Ninja Rush this is a stylish action game adventure in a mystery sweet candy world place

GameGirl GameGirl v1.0.0

Game Girl is a runner game. Its scene is under low pixel and the character is cute and lovely. Simply click on the screen to make the character jump over the
barrier and edge. The world will auto moving from right to left, just keep the character in the screen.

Happy Space Ninja Runner Happy Space Ninja Runner v1.0.11

Become a ninja in the space: run, jump and even fly!

Dream Up Dream Up v1.3

Help Moni and Piu to unleash their ultimate dreams!

Spooky Cats Spooky Cats v1.3

Oh noes!!! Our cute little kitty hero is lost in a zombie infested house! Platform game that has 19 levels with a boss at the end. Collect pennies as you go up against zombie cats, mummy mice, and more! Do you have what it takes??

Check out the new "endless" mode!

hanuman the ultimate game hanuman the ultimate game v1

In the ancient Sanskrit epic Ramayana Princess Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. Princes Rama Asks search for Princess Sita...which take him to the Lanka...
- total 9 level
- 3 boss level
- Hidden special attack to defeat boss

Turtle Leap Turtle Leap v1.08

Guide the turtle in a car in this endless platfomer over different platforms in hand painted environments avoiding enemies to score the highest points. Collect powerups, update powers, unlock cars and achievements.

Lost Heroes Lost Heroes v1.05

Engaging puzzle platformer with adventure and arcade elements. Excellent 2D side-scroller for both casual and avid players in love with retro games with head-scratching puzzles and humorous dialogues voiced in a fun bable-talk.