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Killer checkers Killer checkers v1.09

Killer Checkers: kick their pieces off the board! Let the checkers fly!

Chalky Fish Free Chalky Fish Free v1.05

The best way to put your dexterity and reactions to the test!

Destroy Christmas Tree Destroy Christmas Tree v1.1.1

An application where you can unleash your anger on a beautiful Christmas tree.

Feed the Mouse Feed the Mouse v1.0.1

Pull cheese using the bow and throw towards the mouse. The aim is to feed the hungry mouse in as few attempts as possible. The cheese throwing is similar to using slingshot.

Dumbles in space Dumbles in space v1.1.1

Help lost Dumbles find the way home.

AngryYeti AngryYeti v9.0

It was a sunny day in the Tibetan mountains. A group of yeti's was out playing. When suddenly a group of researchers, saw the yeti's and captured them. An angry yeti known as moody was sleeping near by and was not captured. Moody must know became a hero and rescue his friends.

-Casual game
-Beautiful 2D/3D graphics
-Roll and grow as you gather snow
-Collect wild animals
-Collect exotic tibetan items

Score is based in time you spend playing the game and number of items you collect.

ColoredBricks ColoredBricks v3.00

Colored Bricks is a 4-match falling blocks puzzle game.

Home Bear Lite Home Bear Lite v1.0

Home Bear is lost and it's up to you to get him back home! Join your new cuddly friend in an adventure through many exciting and colourful lands using a bundle of wacky tools.

PlanetSavior PlanetSavior v1.1.9

Your Planet is being attacked by meteors, Its fate depend on you! Save the planet by destroy meteors.
Could you defend your planet?

Bottle Capper Bottle Capper v1.0

BottleCapper is a simple and fun time-waster! Cap beer bottles as they scroll!

MarbleBox MarbleBox v1.2.1

Think before you tap!

Heat Bar Heat Bar v1.0.1

Play the role of a Hot Latina bargirl and serve drinks as quickly and as accurately as they can to the patrons of the bar. The goal of the game is to make as much money as possible before your shift ends.

You can buy upgrades and hot outfits for the bargirl with your cash. Enjoy!

Neon Hook Neon Hook v1.5.1

Neon Hook is an addicting tap-and-climb arcade game.

Mad Mouse Mad Mouse v1.0.92

You play for a little girl who fights with mouse trying to get her into the trap. Girl can pick up any stuff like books, cans, bottles etc. and throw them to the mouse.

Wild Breaker Wild Breaker v1.6

An addictive and physics-based bricks breaking game with a twist: use the power of magnetism to drive your spheres to the target and destroy all the blocks with the various power-up at your disposal.

StreetPool StreetPool v1.37

Street Pool game is the original mix of billiard and arkanoid games – completely new technology called ArkaPool.

Best Game Best Game v2.1.0

Best Game
The goal is to get a ball to a glass.
You specify where and at what speed should fly ball.
There are obstacles on the way to target.
The game has weak gravity, air resistance and an elastic collision.

FallDown HD FallDown HD v3.0 beta4

This is the ad-supported version of the game. If you like the game, get the Ad-free version!
Pack your bags cos FallDown HD will bring you to an endless and exciting journey!

Rapid Toss Rapid Toss v1.28

Rapid Toss is a powerfully addictive paper tossing game where you toss as fast as you can swipe!

Apple Bin Apple Bin v1.0.21

A free physics puzzle game for lovers of Android.