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1mg 1mg v7.1.2

Get great health tips, book lab tests, order medicines.

A Fuzzy Memory A Fuzzy Memory v1.04

A Fuzzy Memory will train your short term memory to become stronger and faster. Tap Into the deeper realms of memory in this beautifully generated game landscape. Rivetting and haunting music as you test yourself and discover your inner savant using your senses of sight and sound. Become lost in the ambience of uniquely generated music in which no two games sound exactly the same. Share your experience with your friends and tell them to join in the challenge.

AaCamera AaCamera v1.2

AaCamera version 1.0
Use your body motion to count exercises.

★ Background music.
★ Real Free Hand mode
★ Stable works in different light conditions.
★ Talking Counter
★ Squats, push-ups, sit ups, hang-ups, bend etc.

AL 2013 AL 2013 v13.6.1

Tarif for Swiss medical Laboratories. (D/F/I)

Alcotest Alcotest v1.1

The application indicates the approximate time of complete elimination of alcohol from the body.

AlcoTestEng AlcoTestEng v1.0.2

Little drunk eve? Find out whether you can drive now.

AlcoTestPro AlcoTestPro v1.0.1

Little drunk eve? Find out whether you can drive now.

AndTracks Free AndTracks Free v1.1

AndTracks is a gps tracker that records your path while jogging, running, biking etc.. While recording it will gather useful statistics that you can review afterwards. Afterwards you can save that track along with its statistics or even share it via email or facebook.

Anti DuKKKan Diet Anti DuKKKan Diet v5.0

A new revolutionary diet.

Anti Mosquito - Ultrasonic Repellent Anti Mosquito - Ultrasonic Repellent v1.5.1

Mosquitoes? Not to worry now.
This Mosquito repellent app can protect you from getting bitten by mosquitoes.

Anti_DuKKKAn_Régime Anti_DuKKKAn_Régime v4.0

Innovantes nouveau régime.

Armixtos Armixtos v1.2

App version of the guestbook of the Armixtos volleybal website.