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ABC-Suche ABC-Suche v1.5

Lern the German alphabet with this game. More information can be found at:

Angielskie słowa Angielskie słowa v1.4

Spróbuj grę udukacyjną "Angielskie słowa", która pozwala zapamiętać do 5.000 najczęściej używanych słów w języku angielskim. Gra "Angielskie słowa" z powodzeniem łączy w sobie naukowe podejście do nauczania i dobrą zabawę dla skutecznego uczenia się języków obcych.

China Bubbles China Bubbles v1.71

v.1.71 LOT'S OF NEW STUFF incl. New mini game 'QUIZ'!
v.1.5 - UI improvements & native support for Spanish, French, German, Italian and Finnish

CHINA BUBBLES is a simple action game that helps you memorize Chinese characters.

You don't have to know Chinese to get started, whether you just want to be able to read a menu or learn hundreds of characters, CHINA BUBBLES will help you!

Chinese 900 Pro Chinese 900 Pro v1.3

Chinese 900 Pro introduces words from the real Chinese people’s daily life that enables you to build your own simple phrases. It suits anyone looking to learn the very basics of Mandarin. Chinese 900 Pro has main 12 categories.
Compare your voice recording with the original (slow speed or normal speed)

Easy, fast, fun and effective way to learn Mandarin Chinese.

ChineseGames ChineseGames v1.0

3 IN 1 GAME to learn chinese in a fun way !

Collins Vietnamese Dictionary Collins Vietnamese Dictionary v8.0.250

Collins Vietnamese Gem Dictionary offers learners extensive and up-to-date coverage of Vietnamese and English in a compact, portable format. This Vietnamese dictionary is designed for all levels of language learner, whether at home, at school, or at work. It is the ideal text for anyone who needs a wealth of reliable information in a portable format.

Conjugador de verbos Conjugador de verbos v1.2

Conjuga cualquier verbo, incluso los irregulares y pronominales. /
Conjugate any verb in Spanish, with full support for irregular & reflexive verbs.

Englische Wörter Englische Wörter v1.4

Du lernst Englisch und willst deinen Wortschatz erweitern? Versuch "Englishe Words", ein Bildungsspiel mit dem du bis zu 5000 gebräuchliche Worte auf Englisch lernen kannst. "Englishe Words" ist eine Verbindung aus wissenschaftlichen Lernmethoden und Videospieleigenschaften für effektives Lernen. Also los! Hab Spaß und lern spielerisch Englisch!

English Cards English Cards v78

Learn English for free through graphics cards with vocabulary, find the words in English that the game says.
Thanks to this application to learn English, learn it as a game. This application is valid for adults and children with different levels also are updated the screens so you always have to learn new words.

This application serves to improve educational and learning advanced English vocabulary

English for Kids English for Kids v2.2.7

English for Kids is English language learning games for kids. Kids will learn English by playing attractive games.
English for Kids combines a structured English language course with engaging and entertaining games. Our language learning activities keep your child entertained and occupied whilst introducing them to English words, speaking and spelling.

English Study English Study v3.1.1

Improve your english with english study

English Test English Test v1.5

You want to test your English grammar knowledge, try this App.

ESL Daily English ESL Daily English v4.9

This is a an helper application for beginner to intermediate to advanced English learners. This independent application has been made by ImApp Soft, who which is a fan of the very popular podcast for English learners, English as a Second Language Podcast at

Flashcards Flashcards v1.2.9

Make your flashcards and learn words by quiz games!

French French v0.0.6

Improve your knowledge of french grammar every day in easy way with french tests

Funglish Funglish v1.1.1

Изучайте английские слова играючи! Более 600 английских слов!
Игра Funglish - это простой и быстрый способ выучить английские слова с помощью вашего мобильного телефона. Хотите выучить английский язык? Скачивайте приложение Funglish, играйте и запоминайте новые слова!

Funny hangman for kids Funny hangman for kids v1.1

Do you want your kids to have fun playing hangman game, learning lot of words in English and Spanish and besides enjoying with creative designs?
Then download this APP and let your kids have a good time gessing words.
With two game levels, one low with hints to help the little ones and another high without hints for the bravest.
This game besides having a great diversity of categories, has very creative designs. Check them!

German widget German widget v1.04

Scientific research shows that You look at Your smartphone 150 times a day. Add our widget to Your screen and repeat German words every time You look at it. Choose German words from different categories: travel, family, school and others or add Your own words...and learn.
This German language learning widget can be great for those who learn German at school, language course or those learning by themselves. Every word has its english translation, and German phrase which will help You to learn.

Guess the word Guess the word v1.1.1

Do you want improve your writting and spelling English skills?
Ok, try to play with your brain and guess english word from this:
Try more difficult words with this app If you have got the word.
Have not? You have chance to learn how and improve your English.
Or just have fun and play!

Guide de Chinois Guide de Chinois v1.02

A French-Chinese offline phrasebook with more than 650 sentences.