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Sforzand Sforzand v1.1

A simple interface to search and download mp3 music from public domain via public search engines, all are free! you can search and download song from charts (by artist, by song), top artists songs.

Creative Metronome Free Creative Metronome Free v6.0

Creative Metromone is a quality tool that every serious musician must have. It’s a 600 bpm accurate stereo metronome with advanced rhythmic capabilities. Carefully designed to be simple yet powerful, will make you explore your practice in imaginative ways. Learn how to practice, master the rhythm of short complex sections, use it as a simple accompaniment or even make it a compositional aid tool.

Shred/Blues Guitar Guide Shred/Blues Guitar Guide v4.0

Becoming a great electric guitar player is possible, even if you started late or believe that lack talent. With the right tools and proper motivation you too can be jamming like guitar gods such as Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert or Greg Howe. This app showcases Otto Reina’s youtube videos of covers, lessons, improvisations, and licks that will motivate you and send you in a path of good tone, impressive performances and constant improvement.

twinnotes twinnotes v1.0.3

TwinNotes is a memory-like game that teaches to recognize music notes by ear.

Music Folder Player Full Music Folder Player Full v2.4.0

The alternative folder based music player.

Music Folder Player Free Music Folder Player Free v2.4.0

Music Folder Player is an alternative music player.

Sing Along Free Sing Along Free v14

COMPLETELY FREE. Currently 800+ songs in a constantly growing library.

The Oxford Dictionary of Music The Oxford Dictionary of Music v8.0.239

An indispensable guide for all music lovers and performers, both amateur and professional.

The Oxford Dictionary of Music brings together an unrivalled collection of over 12,500 entries covering musical subjects of all kinds in an authoritative and accessible way. Included in this impressive work are entries on composers, performers, conductors, musical terms and forms, instruments, works, venues, and a host of other topics.

Master Sweeper Lite Master Sweeper Lite v2.1

Develop a terrifying sweep picking technique with videos, tabs and a routine

Shred Guitar Mastery Free Shred Guitar Mastery Free v4.4

Develop face-melting speed chops, play cooler licks with stunning accuracy, impress your friends and expand your vocabulary while you learn from the masters with this over-the-top collection of shred licks, video, tab analysis, fretboard shapes, backing tracks and audios.

Learn the best licks in the style of guitar gods like Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Michael Angelo, Shawn Lane and more. Jam with the metronome included, follow the practicing approach outlined in the app and enjoy the results!

Score Creator Score Creator v1.5.6

Notation, composition & songwriting app for composing sheet music.

Score Creator Score Creator v1.4.3

Notation, composition & songwriting app for composing sheet music on the go.

Kodi/XBMC Server - Paid Kodi/XBMC Server - Paid v0.3.6

A Kodi/XBMC Server on your Android device!

Kodi/XBMC Server Kodi/XBMC Server v0.3.6

Let your friends select the music that plays on your Android device!
Plug your phone into a stereo and let friends pick the tunes via Kodi/XBMC remotes on their phones (Android, iPhone, etc)

Song Scrapbook Song Scrapbook v1.1.0

The BEST Mobile Song Writer

Electro Music Dj-Pad Electro Music Dj-Pad v2.1

300+ quality loops to mix. Techno, House, Dance ,Trance loops Machine. Dj-Pad

Video To Mp3 Video To Mp3 v1.0

Easily convert your video into MP3

Music Album Editor Music Album Editor v2.1

Update and fix your music album information. Change the song title, edit the artist, album name, genre and others. Generate the album cover/ art when playing your music/ mp3 songs.

Audio Tag Editor Audio Tag Editor v1.3

Customize your favorite audio/music/mp3 tag efficiently including album art.

Vinylselect Vinyl Record Store Vinylselect Vinyl Record Store v2.4

Vinylselect - крупнейший российский интернет-магазин виниловых пластинок, основанный в 2010 году и не имеющий полноценных аналогов даже в мировом масштабе, безоговорочный лидер на рынке винила страны.
• В каталоге более 22000 наименований товаров, основу которых составляют виниловые пластинки, подарочные боксы, а также музыкальная литература, энциклопедии, справочники, книги, журналы, и многое другое;