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Face of Ring Face of Ring v1.5.2

Application can turn off ring vibration while phone is positioned horizontally (ex. lying on the table). When you have a meeting, put the phone face down to turn off its ringing. Soft vibration informs you about a call. Turn over it to check caller identity and place the phone face down again if desired.

-fix:forceclose on start - Many thanks to Phil

CRMdroid CRMdroid v1.1

Mobile CRM for sales professionals who receive more than a few calls a day. Supports in-call operation, detailed call logs and contacts management, call-back & meetings appointments, synchronization with Google Calendar, import & export database to/from Google Docs for back-up and collaboration. User-defined data fields, etc.

Voice2Do Voice2Do v1.3.2

Smart and easy voice recorder for to-do list and memos. Works with Bluetooth headset!

- high quality recording and playback
- one touch recording
- predefined tags for GTD
- bluetooth headset support (recording and playback)
- filter by name, date and tag
- mark as done
- sound visualisation

v.1.3.2 - Spanish i18n
v.1.3.1 - Fixed FC during recording
v.1.3 - Cool 'record' widget (only in pro version)

Taskos Taskos v2.13

Get organized easily with Taskos to do list.

Free, simple & intuitive to do list for android. Now you can add tasks by speaking to your mobile device. Taskos to do list allows you to add, edit or delete tasks, write notes, set alerts and even make calls.

A top android to do list that actually helps you get your things done.

RD Mute RD Mute v3.0.1

RD MUTE helps to you for muting phone. Flip face down and mute your phone.

Call Reminder Call Reminder v1.2.2

Call back reminder done SMART.Never forget to return a call ( missed calls) and remember to make the calls you've been putting off.

Pakoomba will learn and adjust to you so that it reminders are fired at the times that are CONVENIENT TO YOU.

Pakoomba - your own secret power. seriously.

Smart Keys Ninja Lite Smart Keys Ninja Lite v1.1

Now the PRO Version is released...
PRO+ version includes 10 shortcut keys and 9 dashboard icon.....
This is LITE version > includes 1 shortcut key and 1 dashboard icon...
This application allows you to realize the true potential of shortcuts on your android device by programming HARD KEYS to launch apps without even unlocking your phone.

Easiest way to get to know this app >watch it in action >Youtube link >

adaffix adaffix v2.5.1

Get the best Caller ID app in the world now, for FREE!!!

Reject++ Reject++ v1.3

Reject++ : Reject Incoming Call with Handy SMS & Smart Reminder.
R++ is an application which allows you to reject incoming calls (while you're busy) with predefined or custom SMS as well as set up a smart reminder to return the call back.

Total Recall S2 Total Recall S2 v1.9.4

Call Recorder that is Feature Rich & Easy to Use for the Samsung Galaxy S2

Total Recall Call Recorder for the Samsung Galaxy S2 | Full Version | Automatically or Manually Record Calls & Voice Notes with ease.

Polite Call Reject Polite Call Reject v1.1

1. Highly customizable Messages at contact, contact group and phone level.
2. “Reject call with/without message“.
3. Messages are sent only to mobile numbers. Some apps doesn't differentiate mobile and land line numbers.
4. Flexible and fully customizable modes.
5. Emergency calls support.
6.Schedule Reject: You can disable call reject after a scheduled period of time.
7. Read out call log
8. With new version, all annoying full screen ads are removed

Callify Free Callify Free v1.1.3

Callify will popup a screen with fast actions just after your call (call, message and mail) and quick actions via the contact badge

You can enable or auto close the application in settings

Callify also got a home widget which display your last phone call : contact picture, name, time, direct call button and direct message button. You can filter the call types you want to display(incoming, outgoing and missed)

Highly customizable !

Voice FS caller Id Lite Voice FS caller Id Lite v1.8

Let your phone display a full screen image of your caller. Also let it speak out the caller's name or a customized message for that caller. It can also read aloud the sender's name and the body of an sms text message. Voice sound is guaranteed to be clear for all type of phones.

Old Style Widgets Old Style Widgets v3.0

Cool looking old style widgets!

Cerberus Cerberus v2.3

Cerberus helps you get back your lost or stolen Android device.

Phone Tracker Phone Tracker v1.4

Get the Telecom Circle (State / Metro) and the Operator of any mobile number by just entering first 4 digit of your Mobile Number.
See the call logs with complete information like Service Provider and Location of each call received.

Get the STD code of any city in India.
Get the ISD code of all the countries in the word.

Who Is Calling? Who Is Calling? v2.1

WhoIsCalling Beta is an application that will speak the caller ID info searching for contact name in your agenda and if not found, will speak the number of the caller.

Mute N Caller Control Lite Mute N Caller Control Lite v2.0

Auto Mute(Silent)/Unmute(Volume reset)
Never Miss The VIP Call while the phone is in silent, SMS to VIP (Optional)
Block Unwanted/Spam Calls.
Schedule mute/unmute
Temporary mute for incoming calls, Volume is restored to initial value after specific time.

Mobile Call Blocker Mobile Call Blocker v1.1.3

Protect yourself from receiving nuisance calls and text messages for FREE!.

>> reject unwanted text messages.
>> avoid unwanted calls (including unknown calls).
>> allow only messages & calls from known contacts (Phonebook).
>> block all calls and text messages listed in the “black list”
>> allow only calls and text messages listed in the “white list”
>> call and text messages can be handled independently

Incoming Call Control Incoming Call Control v2.2

Gain control over your incoming calls
Incoming Call option based on time, unknown numbers or phone book entries, black list and unique post call options