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Close Up Movies Close Up Movies v1.0.54

Can you guess your favorite movie name from the zoomed in film poster?

Check out and guess the hidden movie name from close up picture, zoomed in poster, main actor or cartoon character to win!

Hundreds of close up pic, cartoon character and zoomed in picture to tease your brain. Try to guess them all!

A simple pop quiz game: Just guess the hidden movie name from close up picture!

Movie Trio Quiz Movie Trio Quiz v1.0.1

Can you pick out 3 characters in the movie which are mixed with others?

3 characters or actors in the film are mixed with different pictures! Find correct pictures and pick them out!


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If you are a cinema lover and want a fun pop quiz, this game is for you!

100 Answers 100 Answers v1.0.0

Get ready for the definitive quiz game! Take a challenge and see how many true answers you can give.

World Cars Trivia Quiz World Cars Trivia Quiz v1.06

Love playing car racing games and logo quizzes? Ultimate Cars Quiz Trivia HD is a free quiz game which enables you to learn the type of the cars in an effective way by the form of quiz.

World IQ World IQ v1.0.1

How well do you know your world?

LogoQuiz LogoQuiz v1.2.5

NEW ULTIMATE LOGO QUIZ! Guess at logos of popular companies from all over the world!

Game of Thrones Quiz Game of Thrones Quiz v1.2

Quiz (trivia) was created on the basis of series of the HBO station entitled Game of Thrones. TV series is an adaptation of the great saga of books written by George R.R. Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire. Quiz questions concern ONLY elements that were mentioned in the TV series! Questions with various level of difficulty will enable you to complete your knowledge on the series and provide you with entertainment. Check your knowledge on the TV series!

Bible Trivia Bible Trivia v1.24

Bible Trivia for Android will test your knowledge about Holy bible.


Online Ranking.
Sound and music effects (on/off)
Adictive fast game.
more than 100 questions

Languages: Spanish, English.

The application is a touch enabled bible knowledge trivia game.It will show you questions and 4 possible answers on which you will have limited time to answer to score.

The Stupid Test The Stupid Test v1.42

★ Do you consider yourself to be smart? ★

Extreme Moto Bike Quiz World Extreme Moto Bike Quiz World v1.36

If you grew up liking Road Rash, you are going to love Extreme Moto Bike Quiz Game! Start your engines and get this picture quiz and guess which motorcycle is in the picture!

TriviaPop StarWars Edition Lite TriviaPop StarWars Edition Lite v1.4

Test your Star Wars knowledge with this multiple choice trivia quiz. Includes questions from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Tablet compatible!

Cinematra (Free version) Cinematra (Free version) v1.0

Free version (only 30 covers of Movies)
Guess the movie on a cover!

Flag Quiz Flag Quiz v4.3

This is a quiz application with flags. There is a practice mode and a challenge mode. In practice mode you guess until you are correct and then you continue to the next question. In challenge mode you play until you make a mistake and your best score is saved. The following languages are supported: English, Greek, Italian, German, Chinese.

#milgram #milgram v3.0.0

#milgram is trivial logic game with very simple and interesting main idea. You are given randomly picked actors and you must connect them, with minimum steps. Actors can be connected if they have a common movie, in which they've both played a role. Thus, there are many possible ways to win the game. Good luck!

Poke Quiz Free Poke Quiz Free v1.0.3

Are you a Poke Master? Take the true Poke quiz and find out!

TicTacToe TicTacToe v2.0

Game of Tic Tac Toe and Gomoku with single (against AI), multiplayer and online game modes.

Celebrity Guess Celebrity Guess v1.0

Our latest game: Celebrity Guess, where you can demonstrate that celebrities have no secrets for you. Two different games, "Guess Name" and "Guess Photo": from Steven Spielberg y Taylor Swift, to Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, passing through Rolling Stones or The Beatles.
Another famous ... katy perry, lady gaga, hugh jackman, one direction, jackson, rihanna, oprah, madonna, eminem, federer, david beckham, lebron james, prince, robert downey, christina, alicia keys, amy winehouse...


Squeeze and stretch the frame vertically and horizontally to put it into the right place.
Pass as many levels as you can and get an opportunity to create them yourself!

Quiz: Geo World Quiz: Geo World v1.9

Connaissez-vous la région géographique de la Suède ou la République Dominicaine? Qu'est-ce que vous savez et où vos lacunes, vous montre ce quiz géo. Il contient plus de 190 pays qui vous pouvez apprendre l'emplacement géographique de tous les pays dans le monde ludique. Votre pouvez tester votre connaissance de continent unique ou vous jouer tous les pays.

Think Different Think Different v1.4

Think Different is type of a Puzzle games and consider very challenging game