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100 Sentō 100 Sentō v1.0.6

~The Stage is OASIS of the People~
Solve the secret in these Japanese bath "Sentō",
Open the door and escape!!

1000 Riddles 1000 Riddles v0.538

Collection of riddles to improve your brain or to just spend some quality time

1000Fishing 1000Fishing v1.0.2

1000 Fishing is a casual single-player game, combining four play modes: fishing, jewel-collecting, pet-raising and character-upgrading. The player can control his/her own cannon, having fun fishing in the deep sea, and earning from harvest.

1001blocks 1001blocks v1.02

1001 Blocks is a challenging block puzzle game with more than 1000 levels to solve.

100Doors 100Doors v1.2.0

100 Doors: Classic Escape is a perfect brain teaser.

100Feet 100Feet v1.59

Creeping! Irk your friends with these realistic walking centipedes.
This free game app may well contain, the most realistic walking centipede for the Android. Online-Highscores! Its brain lets its legs walk independently. Be faster than your opponent. Race to the highest score in your habitat. Sprint to your food-blocks.
Online high-scores!!

101 Pictures animals 101 Pictures animals v1.0

101 Pictures - Animal Coloring Book is the biggest collection of animals pictures to color. This coloring book not only entertain your child for a long time but also lets to discover and develop art skills. Do not wait! Open the book and play with your child.
-101 Lovely pictures to color
-6 different categories
-Nice music in the background

101-in-1 Games 101-in-1 Games v1.3.30

This game is a collection of 133 games in 1 app!

Top #10 game on iTunes AppStore in the Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK and many other countries!!!
Puzzle games, fast paced arcade action, racing, sports, cooking, shooting, sudoku and many many more!
This collection is enough to satisfy all your gaming needs!

Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Bahasa Malaysia, Portuguese, Korean, Norwegian and Chinese.

106 FreeCell 106 FreeCell v1.1.4

FreeCell game verified of tremendous addiction!!
FreeCell is the memorable game that you used to enjoy through the windows.
Let your mind off from everything else and become mesmerized by the excitement provided by FreeCell~
The best game amongst current FreeCell games that are either free of cost or charged awaits you.

10x10 10x10 v1.2.3

10x10 is a simple and addictive strategy game. The aim is to fill in the blue figure moving horizontally or vertically by 3 or diagonally by 2 tiles.

123 123 v1.0

challenge your visual memory!

123 Domino 123 Domino v1.00

123 Domino, dominos for kids.
A logical game of dominos, from 2 years old.

123 Number Puzzle 123 Number Puzzle v1.3

Classic numerical puzzle.

1234! 1234! v1.0.10

- It's happy to make rectangle!

13 Seconds 13 Seconds v1.0a

How far can you reach within 13 seconds?

14 Colors 14 Colors v1.0.4

Do you have good reflexes and fast fingers?? Then 14Colors is for you!

1492 Clicker 1492 Clicker v1.1.2

It's a simple clicker game about 1492, America.

Be a mighty leader who settles in New World!
Declare independence from the King for liberty!

15 15 v1.0.1

15 Photo Puzzle sliding game. You can slice and slide your photos and images to solve the puzzle and reocover original image.

15 puzzle 15 puzzle v1.2.1

Place these fifteen puzzles in the correct order as quickly as possible!

15 Puzzle 15 Puzzle v3.1

Image sliding social puzzle known as Fifteen game. Arrange pieces of image or tiles in order. Take your time and learn! You can play in real time w Stranger or invite Friend who can also play in browser.