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Doodle Fall Doodle Fall v1.0.4

Join Sean the doodle in his mysterious exciting journey to the top of the great fall.

8-Bit Endless Runner 8-Bit Endless Runner v1.06

8-Bit Endless Running and Jumping type of game.

JustInTime JustInTime v1.0

Every level has two chapters.
Dimension changing and moving obstacles.
Different and vibrant colors well selected for each and every level.
Simple commands are controlled only by touching screen.
Gradually accelerating and challenging game style.

Happy Space Ninja Runner Happy Space Ninja Runner v1.0.11

Become a ninja in the space: run, jump and even fly!

human human v1.0.4

In this game you have to play the man, which can usually be found on the sign, but this game is not about how he zhyl in the sign, this game is about his adventures. In it you have to go through many levels, in order to help him get through the various worlds.

ForceAttack ForceAttack v1.0

The main goal of this game is to run max possible distance.

Astral Forever Astral Forever v2.2

Feel the playability of the legendary computer Amiga!

Back to life Back to life v1.0

Back to Life is a platform game based on physics.

The setting is biological / cell and the protagonist is a beneficial cell that needs to revive the dying cells of a tissue .
In each level you will need to bring back to life at least 90 % of the cells , and to do this the player must jump over them or fly over .

OtherLife OtherLife v1.0.24

Other Life game, play all wordls whith all 12 character.

The Roswell Incident The Roswell Incident v1.0

A fast paced action runner game. Easy to play and a great time waster

Getaway Run Getaway Run v1.0

[Ad-Free Version]
Getaway Run is an "endless runner" with challenging platforming!

Leap from platform to platform, avoiding enemies and the long drop to the bottom. Live the dream, be a ninja in sweet running shoes.

Tap to jump, tap and hold for a long jump! Easy, right?

Collect those coins! The next update will feature Google Play Services for leaderboards, and the ability to purchase new characters with your coins.

Duck Dry Foot Duck Dry Foot v1.6

Duck Dry Foot likes to keep his feet dry.
He jumps from platform to platform to get to his next girlfriend.
The piggies are his friends and helps him complete the levels.

ALY's World ALY's World v1.0

A fun jump & run game for all ages.

DroneRunner DroneRunner v1.0.1

Control your Drone, survive, upgrade and save humanity! Completely free-to-play!

Veggie Combos Veggie Combos v1.18

Vegetables are falling from the sky!
Try to catch them in certain combs to get as high score as possible.

60s Survival Quest 60s Survival Quest v1.0.1

A game about surviving from hardest environment ever.

Legend of a Chicken Legend of a Chicken v1

Hundreds of chicken are being held captive by evil men!

Our heroic chicken undertakes the task to free all of them through various action packed levels that require quick reflexes and clever timing.

The game is a horizontal and vertical platform game with lots of real physics and funny instances.

This free version includes 10 of the 40 stages of the full game (to be released in July).

Turbo Tire Turbo Tire v1.3

If You Like Speed... If You Like Dangers... You Will Love This Game...

Gravity in Space Gravity in Space v1.0.0

Gravity exists in space !! What? Impossible ? .. Check it yourself in "Gravity in Space".
Gravity in Space is an addictive game, and great to challenge your friends with your high score.

Below the Known Below the Known v8.7.7

Enter the World of the Unknown and fight for your life.