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Health Unlimited Health Unlimited v1.0.25

Your health should be your top priority. Stay up with the latest tips, news, articles, and discoveries related to health topics across the board...

Farmadroid Farmadroid v1.2.3.8

Consulta farmacias de guardia que hay en tu zona. 2579 localidades de España.

myBMI myBMI v1.3

This is a very simple application for Android to calculate your BMI.

Materia Medica Lite Materia Medica Lite v2.4.1

Materia Medica Lite is an adnroid application which enables you to carry "homeopathic materia medica" wherever you go (No need of Internet). This application facilitates the user to browse through the homeopathic remedies in two ways:
1. Browse by Remedies.
2. Browse by Materia Medica.

ilkYRDM ilkYRDM v1.0


AndTracks Free AndTracks Free v1.1

AndTracks is a gps tracker that records your path while jogging, running, biking etc.. While recording it will gather useful statistics that you can review afterwards. Afterwards you can save that track along with its statistics or even share it via email or facebook.

What Additives What Additives v3.2

What Additives v3 provides quick reference to simplified information about food additives (E-numbers).

Vab Sms Vab Sms v1.2

Förenkla din vab anmälan till försäkringskassan!

BP Dairy 1.8 BP Dairy 1.8 v2.2

Turn your Android phone to a personal blood pressure monitoring machine.

FirstAid+Pets FirstAid+Pets v1.1


Awesome Horoscope Awesome Horoscope v3.5

It's Awesome! This app help you check daily horoscope anytime. Every morning, if you want to rush, you can just check how many stars you can get; if you have a nice day, you can use few seconds in checking accurate and detailed astrology report, daily horoscopes, love&relationship(for flirt, single and couple) and finance&career horoscope to obtain a happy sunshine day!

Vibro Morse Vibro Morse v1.1.2

Challenge Your senses! Enjoy a relaxing massage that can rise your spirits. Wanna know how? Using this little helper app you can utilize and apply not just three levels of massaging vibrations to part of your body, but also enter a customized message of yours that will be implied to your subconsciousness by vibrating its equivalent Morse code while playing a gentle wind-chimes sound for a effectively relaxing and thriving combination.

Quitting Quitting v1.0

Quitting is designed for smoking quitters. Gives you something to do while not smoking, directing your attention on the healing of your lungs.

Islamic World-Azaan Qudsi Quotes Islamic World-Azaan Qudsi Quotes v1.0

Offer your prayers to Allah punctually with Azaan.It contains collection of 40 Hadith Qudsi.This app also contains collections of quotes of Prophet Mohammed.

Tea Tips Tea Tips v1.3

Improve your health, restoring the immune system, lose weight with Tea Tips.

Widget with countdown timer for brewing tea.

Interval Timer Interval Timer v2.92

Interval timer is designed for any kind of interval training. All the values are configurable so it can be used in interval training methods such as tabata , hiit , boxing or sprint training.

Growth Chart Growth Chart v1.2

Growth Chart:an accurate Child growth tracker

E-Additives E-Additives v1.7

Reference to food additives, also known as E Numbers.

Программа Е-добавки представляет собой справочник пищевых добавок.

Mosquito Repellent Mosquito Repellent v1.0

This is a free desktop widget components.
By continuously transmitting powerful range of ultrasonic sound waves, it drives away mosquitoes effectively. These sound wave frequencies are inaudible to humans and non-rodent pets like cat, dog, or bird . Mosquito repeller protects an area up to 10m2 (square meter).

Tarjeta Medicamentos En Farmacia Gratis Tarjeta Medicamentos En Farmacia Gratis v0.63.13391.94547

Ahora Usted Puede adquirir Una Tarjeta GRATIS para comprar sus medicinas o medicamentos con hasta 10% - 75% o mas de DESCUENTO.