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Auto Change Wallpaper Auto Change Wallpaper v1.0

This is the application where the wallpaper gets automatically changed each time when the mobile screen is ON.

As like a windows 7 the wallpaper gets changed automatically.

You can select 'n' number of images.

Rockout Rockout v1.1

A fun free wallpaper that will bring the headbangers ball to your phone.

Kick To The Balls Kick To The Balls v1.1

Great live wallpaper a lot of fun to watch the little stick man get kicked in the balls over and over again.

DWC V1 DWC V1 v1.4

This is a simply wallpaper changer as a wallpaper service. After installation you must only copy your pictures in the "DWC_Images"-directory. At least set DWC as Live Wallpaper. The pictures will change frequently if you touch the screen.

For better performance keep your images small.

In the current version you can select between synchronious and random display of files!

Muscle Cars Wallpapers Muscle Cars Wallpapers v1.0

Now, these Americans will be the background of your phone.
American muscle cars ..
Yes,they are a classic.
American car is a way of life.
I have done an application for lovers of American muscle.
Classic cars of this application will be always with you ..

ADW Discovery ADW Discovery v1.1.3

*** Now requires ADW Launcher EX ***

The grungy Discovery theme is inspired by travels, exploration and the stories produced by these adventures.

- support for MDPI and HDPI icons
- 50+ custom icons presented as Polaroid photos

Contact me to report any issues, incompatibilities or icon requests.

Fotoshark Fotoshark v0.11.13072.69304

A simple and delicate photo gallery designed for mobile phones, download 1000+ animal photos, flowers pictures, black&white photos for FREE!

White Wallpaper White Wallpaper v1.0

A picture gallery of mostly white.You can assign your favorite picture as the background.White Wallpapers.


Dexter Dexter v1.0

A picture gallery of mostly Dexter.You can assign your favorite picture as the background.Dexter

Blackened Blackened v1.1

A very clean, black & red, slick, custom theme. A complete graphical overhaul!

Iceland-Wallpapers Iceland-Wallpapers v1.1

Gives you some nice wallpapers from Iceland
Works also offline. 34 beautiful images are included.
Nature, Beach, Sand, Stones, Glacier, Road

Text Clock Pro Text Clock Pro v1.2.3

Keep track of the time in style with Text Clock Pro. This live wallpaper displays words to tell the time by lighting up characters. The clock updates in five minute increments. With the pro version, you get access to more customization options.

Peace LWP Peace LWP v1.1

In light of UK riots, Derka Derka created this Peace live wallpaper. Love each other, and only then the world will prosper!

Blood Splatter Live Wallpaper Blood Splatter Live Wallpaper v1.2

A unique live wallpaper featuring blood splattering! If after downloading the wallpaper appears small, go into the wallpapers settings and change size to "Big."

How to open: Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers

4chan Live Wallpaper 4chan Live Wallpaper v1.0

A live wallpaper that downloads images from various boards of and displays them on your home screen. A new image is shown each time you return to your homescreen from another application.
You can also use the included widget to skip the current picture, prevent it from displaying again or download it (unless the thread 404'd already).
Warning: this application can consume a lot of your bandwitch sometimes.

Time Flies PRO Live Wallpaper Time Flies PRO Live Wallpaper v1.0.0

** Special Offer - 40% Off! **

Watch time literally flying across your screen with the extended features of Time Flies PRO LW

Starlight Live Wallpaper Starlight Live Wallpaper v2.6

Hand-painted starlight vista by Anne Paetzke. Wispy clouds drift dreamily across a distant landscape while the silver moon glows in the twilight.

ALife Patterns ALife Patterns v1.0

Customize to personalize your pattern!

Cloth Cloth v1.0

Simulates a piece of cloth as the background of your device. It is a 3D physics simulation that also reacts to touch and swipe.

Autumn Live Wallpaper Autumn Live Wallpaper v1.0.0

Autumn Leafs falling on dirt road backbround.