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InterLife InterLife v1.10

puzzle game where the player has to turn the tiles correctly in order to satisfy the win conditions.

View Point View Point v1.0

An unique 3D puzzle challenging your spatial thinking.

Path of operations Path of operations v1.1.0

Path of operations - find your path

Trichotomy Trichotomy v1.0.0

A challenging puzzle game with a unique twist on the classic hand game rock-paper-scissors

Hexus Hexus v1.14

A new mind blast puzzle game hit from Kidga. Best puzzle of 2013!

Cellors Cellors v1.2

"Never before logic games were as real and entertaining as "Cellors" ! (Big Green Creature 2015)

Molecules Molecules v1.1

A new kind of game match 3!
Really interesting.

Jewel Explosion 3 Jewel Explosion 3 v1.0.0

Match the stunning jewels for exciting power-ups and bonus levels!

Backshift Backshift v0.1.5

A simple memory game to turn your brain upside down :)

Ribbon Puzzle Ribbon Puzzle v1.0

Relaxing, challenging and addictive puzzle game with beautiful colors and patterns.

Panda Chunky Panda Chunky v1.1.2

Help the little panda to get to your favorite treats!

Make It White Make It White v1.0

Make It White - Train your brain, a fun and addictive game for both adults and kids. If you like brain teaser games, you would enjoy this game.

The goal of the game is to change color of all the blocks on the board to white. When you click a block, all blocks in its row and column switch their colors (black to white and vice-versa).

Dungeon Puzzle Masters Dungeon Puzzle Masters v1.0

"Dungeon puzzle masters" is a wildly addictive match-3 puzzle game!
Tap on 3 or more cubes to make them burst, try to score as many points as you can!

Sort Me! The Game Sort Me! The Game v1.0.2

Can you sort the hive?

9 Tiles 9 Tiles v1.2

9 Tiles is an edge-matching puzzle game: Nine slots on a square board looking for nine matching tiles.

Legor 8 Legor 8 v1

Popular award winning puzzle game Legor is back with 32 new levels, will you complete them all?

Candy Bubble Splash Candy Bubble Splash v1.0.10

Candy shooting machines!

Jewel Bubble REVERSE Jewel Bubble REVERSE v1.1.0

Another way to play Match 3 game, REVERSED.

Save The Princess Save The Princess v1.0.0

A cute, bright little puzzle game without breaking your brain.

Paver Paver v1.1

Become a Paver. Follow the pattern and pave the floor!