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Crazy Xmas Jewel Crazy Xmas Jewel v1.0.4

Xmas jewel busting fun!

Cross Equate Cross Equate v1.4

A new approach to maths - Cross Equate

Crushes Bug Crushes Bug v1.1

Crushes Bug Beta Version Free

Crystalinx Crystalinx v1.2.3

Crystalinx delivers a whole new style of match 3 puzzle game, nothing like you've ever seen before. No swapping, no grids! Slide and rearrange the crystals any way you want to make matches, chains, cascades, and combos! Thinking one or more moves ahead can really pay off!

CUBE CUBE v1.0.3

Fill the cube with the same color!

This new game is similar to classic Magic Cube game. In the classic game, each colored face of the cube is mixed and you have to replace them all correctly.

Cube Flow Free Cube Flow Free v1.0

Connect the start and end points of each color while filling in the entire grid to win!

Cube Match Cube Match v1.0.3

Click on 2 or more cubes of the same color to make them explode.
Clearing multiple cubes gives you more points.
In Advanced levels new colors will appear making the game more difficult.
There are 7 different modes to play the game:

-Action Plus
-Line Up

Have FUN!

Cube Maze Cube Maze v1.0

Solve three mazes at once in the hollow cube.

Cubic Cubic v1.2

Program a cube way!

Cubicus Cubicus v1.2

Try to beat your brain in specific logic game

CubiumDreamsFree CubiumDreamsFree v1.05

CubiumDreams FREE Puzzle Horror - is an atmospheric first-person puzzle game with horror elements, made in a minimalistic surreal style.

Cubox Cubox v1.2

%100 Free Addictive,Intelligent,Mentally 3D Puzzle Game Ever.
Train your BRAIN!

Cubuesque Cubuesque v2.0

Very addictive speed puzzle game.

Cubuesque free Cubuesque free v1.0

Very addictive speed puzzle game.

Cute Smiley Cute Smiley v0.0.2

Cute Smiley Jumping game

prevent smiley from falling down jump at the right spot

Avoid crashing to the brick and bomb

catch power to fly higher

go has high as you can and challenge your friends

Cylor Cylor v1.0

Addictive puzzle game for all.

You must group the squares of the same color in a segment in which the squares adjacent sides. On one level consists of three games.

Cylor has five levels: very easy (6 free fields) to very difficult (two free fields).

Decimal Memory Decimal Memory v1.0

How good is your memory?
See how many random numbers in sequence you can remember.
It's a lot harder than you might think!

DecStep DecStep v1.1


Deep Blender Deep Blender v1.0.1

Deep Blender - game for fans of logic and fun pastime.

Deletion Deletion v1

Free puzzle platform game from Russpuppy! Use your brain and reflexes to complete 40 levels of awesomeness. Run from the deletion through levels that defy your usual sense of gravity, time, and logic. Can you survive the Deletion?

Thanks to Eric Skiff ( for the cool 8-bit music!

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