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BumpBump BumpBump v1.1

Funny game with touch item to destroy and combine to get points.

Penta Segmenta Free Penta Segmenta Free v1.00

Action puzzle game! Match five and clear! Don't get crushed!

AppendBall AppendBall v1.0

Funny game for children and everybody.

Memory Levels Memory Levels v1

Memory Levels : Challenge and develop your memory and brain.

Parallelia Free Parallelia Free v1.66

Shape-fitting action puzzle game with a twist. Great fun for puzzle lovers.

Space Maze Space Maze v1.0.1

This new Magma Mobile game offers hours of 3D fun that will surely test your thinking skills.

Love puzzles ? Then this game is for you ! Come and help this kind robot repair his space station by gathering as many gems as possible through a maze of rooms, doors, and teleportation.

Little Squares Little Squares v1.1.4

You have to convert all the orange squares. The rule is easy: you only can press the orange square that is adjacent to the blue one.

160 levels are ready for you in this FREE version.

✓ Last update: 20 new levels.

Bunnybash Free Bunnybash Free v1.0.8

Bunnybash is a unique puzzle game! Lots of challenging levels to complete, funny characters and atmospheric music. Tons of fun for everyone!

Bubble Blast Bubble Blast v1.0.21

Bubble Blast! is a puzzle game in which you burst bubbles to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them.

CUBE CUBE v1.0.3

Fill the cube with the same color!

This new game is similar to classic Magic Cube game. In the classic game, each colored face of the cube is mixed and you have to replace them all correctly.

Jewels War Jewels War v7.9

Jewels War is a classic and exciting game.

blocks blocks v1.0

Slide and remove blocks of the same color ...

iQSliderPro iQSliderPro v1.2

Classic number puzzle with many customization options, UNLIMITED levels up on your own settings.

Complexity can be set from easy to extremely challenging independently from size of the puzzle (from 3x3 to 10x10)

maximum8 maximum8 v1.0.11

Gain maximum score! Even if you'll have to select cell with minimum value ;)

Telekinesis Telekinesis v2.0

Use your brain and telekinesis to solve a puzzle game!

Mix Twos Mix Twos v1.03

Mix Twos, an addictive and challenge game for your mind and imagination.
This game design for everyone from three year old with:
- Endless game play
- Swipe and mix to play
- Easy to learn like two plus two, just mix two same number by swipe (2 must be different color)

Twisted 15 Puzzle Twisted 15 Puzzle v1.00

Solve a puzzle by moving blocks on a circle!

Alamot's Matchstick Puzzles Alamot's Matchstick Puzzles v1.09

Light up your brain now by solving awesome matchstick puzzles!

Alamot's Matchstick Puzzles Alamot's Matchstick Puzzles v1.09

Light up your brain now by solving awesome matchstick puzzles!

Origin Origin v1.0.3

Origin will tackle your brain in a different way than Brainsquare.
Easier to grasp, so it seems...