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Numbers Game Numbers Game v1.2

A good time killer game for Android.
A fun way for kids to practice numbers.

Magic-15 Magic-15 v1.1

It is a simple and addictive puzzle game.
The goal is to get 15 across rows, columns and diagonal.

Memory Game Memory Game v1.2

It is simple and addictive memory game.
A great game to exercise your memory !

Brain Exerciser Brain Exerciser v1.3

It is simple and addictive memory game.
A great game to exercise your memory !

PuzzleBirds PuzzleBirds v1.1.3

PuzzleBirds FREE is a game for mobile devices that provides a dynamic puzzle to combine identical birds. PuzzleBirds FREE is a simple and addictive puzzle game.

Laberintos Sumados FREE Laberintos Sumados FREE v1.2

Exercise your mind, seeking and finding the maze that leads to the goal by adding the amount shown under the dash.

Synonymous Synonymous v2.0.1

Sick of all the mindless Logo or Icon Quiz games? Good with words? Synonymous is a Pop Quiz game with a twist! Guess famous pop culture references which have been reworded with synonyms and other types of wordplay! Can you guess all the clues?

Trizzle Trizzle v1.0.0.3

How do you stack up? Play Trizzle, the hottest new stacking puzzle game around!

Balls Breaker HD Balls Breaker HD v1.0

See how fast your mind can work with this puzzle game based on the classic Puzzle Bubble.

This free game has many different levels. Try to complete them all anywhere with your mobile.

Throw the ball with one touch on the screen and try to get 3 balls of the same color, otherwise it can reach to imprison you.

You are just a click away to play this game anywhere. It's free. Download it now!

The Tower Of Blocks The Tower Of Blocks v1.01

Construct the taller tower of blocks, but be careful, because the gravity are not at your side. And Newton was right!!!

Download this free application and enjoy anywhere with your mobile phone.

Candy Smasher Candy Smasher v3.0.7

This game is a puzzle category game,with great entertainment.

Sequence Fun Sequence Fun v1.2

It is a simple and addictive puzzle game.
The goal is to place 1 to 8 numbers in cells such that no adjacent cells should have sequence numbers.

Λέξη-Λέξη Λέξη-Λέξη v1.03

Lexi-Lexi, a Greek only fun word game.

Hangman HD Hangman HD vHangman HD v1.83

Hangman HD - the best free hangman game. About 50 topics, more than 15 000 words, board game mode, eye-catching themes, HD graphics, optimized for tablets.

Falling Tiles Falling Tiles v1.1.12s

Very fun and addictive game. Destroy the blocks before they reach the top!

Great controls, two kinds of bombs, 7 tutorial levels and 21 progressive challenges.

Now with global leaderboards and achievements !

Match Mania 2: The Jungle Match Mania 2: The Jungle v2.5.3

Match Mania 2: The Jungle is an addicting puzzle matching / link game The objective of the game is to remove all tiles by matching two images before time runs out.

Clear Me Clear Me v1.3

***********Clear the bubbles efficiently if you can************
This is a brainstorming interactive puzzle game which requires enough grey matter. At the same time this is very addictive and you will try to finish it as soon as possible, but do not worry we will add new and more exciting versions, so that the interest remain intact.

Color Match Color Match v1.1

The objective of the game is to change all red tiles into green.

The game has 60 levels.

This is a challenging games because when you change a tile color its adjacent tiles will also change colors.

Actors Hangman Free Actors Hangman Free v1.7.2

The popular hangman game with Hollywood actors for your mobile phone or tablet! The focus is on actors that have won an oscar in their career. Absolutely free for unlimited use! Includes hundreds of actors to guess, additional actors information and lots of options and game configurations. Just install, play and have fun!

Magnetic Gems Magnetic Gems v1.2

Combine sparkling colorful gems into the chains of three or more and earn the bonuses. Collect your bonuses and upgrade your scores.