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KPSSP3 2012 Puan Hesaplama Motoru KPSSP3 2012 Puan Hesaplama Motoru v1.0

Kpss P3 puan hesaplama motoru.

Concentration Memory Concentration Memory v1.2

Train your concentration and relax listening to the natural sound of waves.Choose a time and not think about anything until the sound ends. Should gradually increase the time to increase the concentration.

- Natural Sound of Waves
- Relax
- Concentration

Dari AlefBe Dari AlefBe v1.0.0

Learn Afghanistan's Dari alphabet, with flash cards.

Guess Car Logo Guess Car Logo v1.0.1

How many car brand logos do You know?

The game is very simple.

When You see the car brand title You have to choose its logo from the 9 options. You have 10 tries before the final score.
The faster You choose the more score You get.

Be as quick as possible and try to beat Your previous record! Also try to unlock the achievements!

We are waiting for any comments or suggestions!

Good luck!

Translated: English, Russian

Battle Field Guide CODMW3 Battle Field Guide CODMW3 v1.0

The ultimate playing guide for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This ultimate online tip and tricks manual is written and updated by real players. Includes descriptions for all the maps, vehicles, weapons, specializations, and gadgets. Provides strategies for each of the elements in the game.

Quick Quadratics Quick Quadratics v1.2

This app will calculate the solutions to a quadratic equation in standard form.

Cats! Cats! v1.1

Addictive Cats Recognition Game and Cat Breed reference handbook in a handy app!

Dogs! Dogs! v1.3

Addictive Dogs Recognition Game and complete Dog Breed Encyclopedia in one App!!

My Periodic Table My Periodic Table v1.0

Dynamic Periodic Table with 20 useful Chemical Information about each element. Attractive User-Interface with Pleasant Presentation. 3 splendid search options to track elements

Armored Warfare! Armored Warfare! v1.0

Get the most comprehensive Military Armored Vehicles Handbook on Android! Along with the Handbook, learn to recognize the world's Military Armored Vehicles of through a game of visual identification!

Early American History Trivia Early American History Trivia v1.0

Early American History Trivia, 1775 to 1865, revolution, civil war, history quiz, education, social studies. All these topics will be tested upon in the quiz below. This quiz is a great way to practice for a test and have fun at the same time! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a go! If you can answer questions like how many men did the Continental Army have when George Washington took command? and the Olive Branch Petition was meant to do what between the british and the

Military Aircrafts! Military Aircrafts! v1.3

Military Aircraft Recognition Game and Comprehensive Encyclopedia in one App!!!

Fish Fish v1.4

The North American Fish Guide is Android's largest Fish Reference information handbook on the common game species in North America.

North American Trees North American Trees v1.2

North American Tree Identifier, Handbook, and Recognition game in one App!

Nuclear Warfare Nuclear Warfare v1.1

Nuclear Detonation Simulator, Huge Nuke Weapons Guide, and Game all in one App!

History Trivia: Rome History Trivia: Rome v1.0

Which Roman general conquered Gaul? What became the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire? What did the Eastern Roman Empire become after the fall of the west? All this and more in History Trivia: Rome. A riveting trivia game of the history of Ancient Rome, Histrivia is going to keep you entertained for as long as your brain can handle. Be transported back to Ancient Rome and answer question after question. Be prepared for Rome!

Birds Birds v1.3

Richly Detailed North American Bird Watching Reference Guide and Learning Game!

Ohms Law Calculator Ohms Law Calculator v1.0

Ohms Law Calculator provides the best way to calculate Voltage, Current, Resistance and Power. Accurate Calculations and Conversions with every Unit and Value Change.

Herbs! Herbs! v1.4

A Concise Comprehensive Herbs Grower Reference Handbook.

Smart Siddur Smart Siddur v3.9.2

Smart Siddur