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Xse7en's demo Xse7en's demo v1.0.1

Optimized for Android and human brains.
Slide Your finger over the numbers to make se7en or multiples of se7en. You must to combine the numbers so that their sum be seven or multiples of seven.
Best game for killing time.
Good to play when you wait the bus, the train or the plane. Perfect at the office, where helps you to have a busy face in front of your boss.
Xse7en' Lite is the demo version for Xse7en's!

Pocket Sushi Thief Pocket Sushi Thief v3.0

Pocket Sushi Thief is simple yet very addictive, beautifuly designed matching game
Steal (tap) the sushi piece You don't have from your opponent to win!
Play with your friend in duel and battle modes, or by yourself in single player mode!

Diamonds Crush Diamonds Crush v4

Diamonds Crush is a new highly enjoyable highscores puzzle game in which you must collect given number of diamonds to progress to the next level.

Crazy Shapes Crazy Shapes v1.0.1

Now you can play with Shapies in a casual game, align them and create a chain reaction!
Create combinations of three or more pieces and get amazing reactions, scores and boosters.

Number Jungle Number Jungle v1.0.0

Number Jungle is one of the most entertaining and addictive puzzle game for all ages! Try to solve the puzzle as quickly and accurately as possible to achieve the highest score. Play through many levels of Arcade Mode and Mission Mode, or try to beat your best score against the clock in Blitz Mode.

Squares Squares v1.2.3

Put your agility to the test with Squares, the puzzle game that requires quick reflexes against the clock. Play Squares today and see how quick your impulsive decisions are.

Kirax Kirax v2.0.7

Kirax - an entertaining puzzle challenge

Jewels Atlantis Jewels Atlantis v1.3.4

- Jewels Atlantis is a game with many different levels of play.
- Jewels Atlantis built on familiar swapping diamonds and is famous for numerous users.
- Jewels of Atlantis is one totally free game interface is extremely easy to use.
- Jewels Atlantis is support on many models from Android 2.2 or higher /

PuyoPonyoLines PuyoPonyoLines v1.0.1

◆◆◆The 3rd game of our PuyoPonyo series ◆◆◆
Join the kawaii puyoponyo! Form a line and clear them now! Many stages are waiting for you!

Astro Explosions Astro Explosions v1.1

Improve your Memory and Math skills having fun with this space themed game.

Chukki Chukki v1.0

Chukki is a classic pen and paper game now on your phone!
Play against your friends.
Compete and Beat your friends.

Chukki has lots of exciting features:
* Upto 4 players can play at a time
* Adjustable Grid Sizes.
* Give name to players.
* Mute and Unmute sound.
* Move to SD Card support.

Reach Zero Reach Zero v1.4

The Reach Zero is fun, addictive and very simple game. Reach zero to win the game, if you can?

EipontanPuzzle EipontanPuzzle v1.0.1

Connect the mysterious power of the kawaii characters and clear them!
Clear a lot of them to achieve high score!

MacGyver MacGyver v1.12

MacGyver is back!  In a new, thrilling puzzle game.

LightMyHearts LightMyHearts v1.0

The battle for hearts dispensed at random by the stupid cupid,
between you greedy of love and the naughty frog that wishes to become a prince,

Bubble Wrap Bubble Wrap v1.0

The best bubble wrap game around. With three different modes it is guaranteed that you will never get bored.

iwori iwori v1.2

Iwori is a puzzle-strategy video game by GameAdore.

Uber Genius Uber Genius v2.2

Uber Genius is a series of puzzle games designed to improve your brain health.

Picking Picking v1.7

Picking is an engaging game that will keep you entertained and will challenge you to play faster and faster every time,… luck also plays big role here!

Enjoy and remember that time is ticking against you,.
..keep picking!

Doodle Car Doodle Car v1.0

We are presenting you the Android Version Of Doodle Car
Popular iPhone/iPad game is now available On Android