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KiKo KiKo v1.0

Think, predict and act.

GridOut GridOut v1.3

GridOut is an addicting sliding block puzzle game.

UnripeTomato UnripeTomato v1.1.20

Make it ripe!

UnTangled UnTangled v1.0

The big dots look simple, but they are tangled. Untangle all the dots and release them free.
Untangle is a challenging, tactical game with a unique strategy of its own.

Twitty Twitty v1.0

Popular iPhone/iPad game is now available for Android too!!
Twitty is a new innovative game in the classic breakout genre offers a new experience every time you play!

Tower of Hanoi Tower of Hanoi v1.2

Challenge your puzzle solving abilities with this Tower of Hanoi puzzle game.

Xse7en's Xse7en's v1.0.4

Optimized for Android and human brains.
Slide Your finger over the numbers to make se7en or multiples of se7en. You must to combine the numbers so that their sum be seven or multiples of seven. Cooling game for killing time. Good to play when you wait the bus, the train or the plane. Perfect at the office, where helps you to have a busy face in front of your boss.

Stay in Lines Stay in Lines v1.01

Stay in Lines an addictive and challenge game for your mind.
The simple rule: Touch and Drag to control your ball and keep it stay in the lines or you will lose!
How far you go?

Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe v1.8

It's a simple game. It supports single player and double player game mode.
You can change background.Single player mode has three level(easy,medium,hard).

Strange Factory Strange Factory v1.2.1s

Are you looking for a fun and original game which challenge your memory, concentration and speed? ... And that is suitable for both kids and adults?

You've found it!... It's called "Strange Factory"

Number8 Number8 v1.0.1

Number 8 is an interesting game of speed and vision.

HawaiianMonkey HawaiianMonkey v1.002

Throw the ball and get the coconut!

Funny experience with various level!

Find Diff Cityscapes Find Diff Cityscapes v1.0

Find differences between 2 hi-res images of famous cities and skylines, compare and spot hidden differences.

Soccer Match3 Soccer Match3 v1.2

Cool match3 with Soccer Style

Untangler Untangler v1.2.2

Very addictive logic game. Untangle the whole bunch of buttons and strings.

Table Trouble Free Table Trouble Free v1.6

Help the well-meaning but dense Chef Bubbly assemble his cake ingredients

Table Trouble Table Trouble v1.6

Help the well-meaning but dense Chef Bubbly assemble his cake ingredients

Legor 6 - Free Brain Game Legor 6 - Free Brain Game v3

Popular puzzle game Legor is back with 50 brand new levels!

Cubicus Cubicus v1.2

Try to beat your brain in specific logic game

Match Math Match Math v1.0.21

Match Math is a fun addictive math game.