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pimij pimij v1.1.3

PimiJ is a nice sheep whose only goal is to eat a little green leaf.

Get 100 Get 100 v1.11

The goal is to make up one unit with the number 100.

LeafConnect LeafConnect v1.0

A ShisenSho like game

Crazy Seashells Crazy Seashells v5.0.1

They are not stopping to move and this pearl is worth the every risk that has to be taken

Xy'Z Xy'Z v1.1.1

Weigh your brain

Escape Backyard Now Escape Backyard Now v11.0.0

You got yourself stuck in a stranger’s garden. When you try to leave you notice that the garden does not have a keyhole. Find the possible and the quickest way to escape out of this garden

Escape Dozing Room Escape Dozing Room v4.0.1

Bebin was acting very badly. His mom punishes him for his mischievous behavior by locking him alone in the bedroom. Now help the boy to find the key and escape from the room.

Escape My Lounge Room Escape My Lounge Room v12.0.1

While waiting for your friend’s room you find yourself trapped in. There must be a spare key hidden somewhere in safely in this room. Do your best in finding a way out as fast as you can

Escape Pirate Cabin Escape Pirate Cabin v13.0.0

The pirate captain of the seven seas wants to turn a new leaf in life by abandoning his bad deeds as a pirate. This comes to the knowledge of the first mate that locks the pirate in his cabin. Help the captain to escape out of the ship and form a better life.

Ninja Miner Ninja Miner v1.2.1

Ninjas are not well known for mining! But now it's time to use famous ninja skills for collecting precious gems! There are 64 challenging levels for you to solve. Grab every treasure you can find and earn all the achievements!

Ninja Painter Ninja Painter v1.2.1

Ninjas have never been...painting! Prepare for a fast-paced colourful adventure!

VexedJewels VexedJewels v2.1

Vexed jewels is a well-known puzzle game in which your goal is to move similar jewels side by side to make them disappear. Once all the jewels are all gone, you've solved the level and advance to new level. Move jewels by placing finger on them and swaping to either the right or left.

Rabble The Butterflies Rabble The Butterflies v3.0.1

Flutter the butterflies out by grouping the same colored wings together and relish the game

Cubic Cubic v1.2

Program a cube way!

Push The Squares Push The Squares v1.1

Minimalistic but challenging puzzle game about squares, dots and arrows.

Wobbles Wobbles v1.0

A Lemmings inspired puzzle platformer, where you must guide the Wobbles through time, unlocking new technology and advancing their civilization.

Bubble popper (free) Bubble popper (free) v1.1.0

A simple bubblepopping game.

Select two or more adjacent bubbles of the same color and pop them. The more bubbles you pop in a single click, the more points you get for every bubble. Once all the balloons are popped, the level is completed and the next level is unlocked. The solution to each level are ranked with stars where 3 is the best. It is possible to play levels again to improve the number of stars earned. The difficulty increases througout the game.

memo able memo able v1.01

Find all pairs in 8 unique card memorize games and submit your Highscores!

Bubbles 'n Blocks Bubbles 'n Blocks v1.0.1

Bubbles 'n Blocks will get you hooked with its addictive puzzle action.

Rubik's Stop Watch Rubik's Stop Watch v1.2

Rubik's Stopwatch is a speedcubing timer in your pocket!
It's simple speedcubing timer with scrambler algorithms support.