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Funkcja kwadratowa Funkcja kwadratowa v2.3.2

Aplikacja obliczająca i rysująca wykres funkcji kwadratowych. Wszystkie przydatne informacje na lekcje matematyki.

Little Genius Little Genius v1.2

Little Genius - What Doesn't Match? Is a brain training game for children from 3 to 6 years old. It learns logical thinking through the play.
Colorful images and nice sounds let Your child to have a nice time. The game consists in choosing which one of four images doesn't match to others. Enjoy :)

The Sleeping Beauty The Sleeping Beauty v1.0

Classic fairy tale of a princess who was cursed to sleep until a charming prince gave her a kiss. This fun children book contains color artworks to illustrate the text. It's easy to scroll through the book and it remembers your last read position.

Share the joy of your childhood story with your kids on your Android phone. You can quickly create a healthy bond with your toddler by reading this classic tale during bedtime stories.

NounStar English Free NounStar English Free v1.0

NounStar is a really fun and effective way to introduce your mind to a brand new language!
Fully supported to study: English

StudyMaster - FrenchVocab StudyMaster - FrenchVocab v4.0

Study French vocabulary with this easy-to-use flashcard app with over 800 words

Compounds Compounds v1.1

Put together elements and discover more about chemical compounds! Synthesize the right combination of elements from the periodic table and receive information about the compound you created.
Useful as a chemistry study tool or for fun, this app aims to inform while providing an entertaining and puzzling experience of discovering new compounds.

Moon Viewer Moon Viewer v1.0

A simple app to watch moon rotation

Cherokee Animals One Cherokee Animals One v1.10

This module teaches you to recognize the Cherokee names for:
Bear (Yona)
Beaver (Doya)
Cat (Wesa)
Dog (Gitli)
Honey/Honey Bee (Wadulisi)
Horse (Soquili)
Pig (Siqua)
Rabbit (Jisdu)
Snake (Inada)
Squirrel (Saloli)
Turtle (Daksi)
Wolf (Waya)

and a whole lot more!

StudyMaster - Geography StudyMaster - Geography v4.0

Study Geography with this easy-to-use quiz app with over 400 questions

Japanese Gojuon Japanese Gojuon v2.0

An app supports the writing and pronouncing of gojuon.

Combinatorics EN Combinatorics EN v2.0

The application will help you to solve the tasks of combinatorics. It includes diagrams to help understand and apply the appropriate formula. Useful application for students of middle school, high school and university students. It includes such patterns as combinations with and without repetitions, variations with and without repetitions, Stirling numbers, permutations, and diagrams of Newton ...

Kombinatoryka PL Kombinatoryka PL v2.0

Aplikacja pomoże Ci rozwiązać zadania z kombinatoryki. Zawiera schematy pomagające zrozumieć i zastosować odpowiedni wzór. Przydatna aplikacja dla uczniów gimnazjum, liceum i studentów.

Baby Explorer DEMO Baby Explorer DEMO v4.1

Baby explorer is a fun learning program for children of all ages.

Aperico Options Calculator Aperico Options Calculator v1.0

Advanced options calculator. Quickly get value, greeks and implied volatillity. Calculate the value and greeks (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho) of any European or American style option. Get the implied volatillity for any American or European style option given it's settlement price. Select between using the Black Scholes formula or a numerical binomial tree method.

Calculator Calculator v1.0

***** Scientific Calculator ******

Simple and Easy to use scientific calculator for Android tablet. Use it once and you will never use any other calculator on any other device ever.

Calculator Calculator v1.0

Simple and Easy to use scientific calculator for Android tablet. Use it once and you will never use any other calculator on any other device ever.

Nursery Learning Nursery Learning v1.0.0

A cool app, developed for kids of age group 2 to 6, lets your child to learn ABC and 123 in interactive way by converting

OziLibrary OziLibrary v1.0

It is Ozilibrary. Including all the english books inside.
Compact design only for Android devices.
Ozitech will produce further versions of Ozilibrary with addition of new books time by time.
Keep tuned.

Edmodo Edmodo v2.2

Edmodo for the Android makes it easy for teachers and students to stay connected and share information. Use your Android phone to send notes, post replies, and check messages and upcoming events while away from the classroom.

Yellow Button Yellow Button v1.2

☆☆☆Core Functions☆☆☆

-Interval repeats


-Permanent storage of interval repeats and bookmarks

-Touch mode

-Thumb rest

-Three playback modes supported (all repeat, one repeat, no repeat)


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